Director: Douglas Aarniokoski

Year: 2023

Season: 3, Episode: 2

Episodes: 30

Plot: Aided by Seven of Nine and the crew of the U.S.S. Titan, Picard makes a shocking discovery that will alter his life forever - and puts him on a collision course with the most cunning enemy he's ever encountered. Meanwhile, Raffi races to track a catastrophic weapon - and collides with a familiar ally.
Original Title: Disengage
Director: Douglas Aarniokoski
Writer: Matthew Okumura , Sean Tretta , Kiley Rossetter , Christopher Monfette , Kirsten Beyer , Akiva Goldsman , Michael Chabon , Alex Kurtzman , Gene Roddenberry , Christopher B. Derrick
Producer: Drew Nichols , Frank Tignini , Sean Tretta , Jason Michael Zimmerman , Trevor Roth , Aaron Baiers , Cindy Appel , Heather Kadin , Jane Maggs , Gala Goliani , Christopher Monfette , Kirsten Beyer , Douglas Aarniokoski , Paul Gadd , Akiva Goldsman , Alex Kurtzman , Dylan K. Massin , Terry Matalas , Rod Roddenberry , Patrick Stewart
Type: episode
Year: 2023
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Cast: Amy Earhart , Stephanie Czajkowski , Ed Speleers , Adam Hunter , Jerry Marr , Joseph Lee , Marco Vazzano , Jin Maley , Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut , Naymon Frank , Grace Lee , Patrick Stewart , Jeri Ryan , Michelle Hurd , Michael Dorn , Jonathan Frakes , Gates McFadden , Todd Stashwick , Amanda Plummer , Aaron Stanford , Randy J. Goodwin , Robert Morgan , Chad Lindberg , Tiffany Shepis
Runtimes: 49
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 23 Feb 2023
Rating: 8.2
Votes: 4644
Year: 2023
Akas: Disengage (United States)
Synopsis: 2 weeks ago, the Eleos visited Sarina Prime planet. Eleos claims to represent the Mariposa medical organization, and provides emergency medical supplies to worlds in need. The Eleos is not registered with Starfleet and often operates outside of Federation protocols. The ship is intercepted by the Fenris Rangers, who report Jack's appearance to the "Marked Woman".The large ship destroys Picard's shuttle and shuts off any chance of escape. The large ship is unidentifiable. Picard stops the large ship, the Shrike, from transporting Jack off the Eleos by initiating transport inhibitors. But then the Shrike captures the Eleos itself with a tractor beam. Jack says that in the last 2 weeks, they have been intercepted by Fenris Rangers, then Klingons, then Starfleet officers. They have been running for months. Jack asks Picard to ask the Titan to intervene.The Shrike is just outside Federation space, along with the Eleos, and Shaw doesn't want to intervene if he doesn't have to. Seven persuades Shaw to intervene. Just as the situations gets desperate on the Eleos, power was about to fail and hull breaches are imminent, the Titan comes between the 2 ships and the tractor beam is broken. Picard destroys the transport inhibitors, Beverly is transported to the Titan's medical bay while Picard, Riker, and Jack are brought to the bridge.The Shrike's captain, a bounty hunter named Vadic (Amanda Plummer), reveals that Jack is an intergalactic criminal with a large bounty on his head. Vadic knows the official profiles of all officers on deck of the Titan. The Shrike is heavily armed and will blast the Titan apart in the event of a conflict. Vadic gives one hour to hand over Jack Crusher. Vadic then "picks" the Eleos with its tractor beams and hurls it at the Titan. Vadic threw a ship at the Titan to demonstrate the power of the Shrike. The ship tears through the shields of the Titan and shears the hull on deck 11. Shaw finds that Vadic's claims on Jack are true. He has Jack arrested and intends to turn him over to save the crew, despite the protests of Picard and Riker. Shaw also removes Seven from her post, for insubordination.Jack tells Picard that he is only trying to carrying on humanitarian work by supplying medicines all over the Galaxy, where needed. Jack escapes from custody and attempts to transport himself over to the Shrike in an effort to save his mother. He is stopped by Seven. Riker helps revive Beverly and brings her to the bridge. When Picard sees her, he realizes that Jack is his son from a brief relationship he had with Beverly decades earlier. Picard declares the same to Shaw. Knowing that Picard will not hand over his son, Shaw orders the Titan into a nearby nebula as a delighted Vadic gives chase.The media blames the attack on a mid-level Romulan operative T'Luco, who has never made to anybody's most wanted list ever. He didn't have the credentials to steal a potentially world ending technology (from a secure off world Daystrom facility) and then it doesn't make sense to use it to destroy a mid-level Starfleet recruiting center. The story is that he purchased the device on the black market.Raffi's handler orders her to stop investigating the attack, but she meets with the Ferengi criminal Sneed in hopes of finding those responsible. Sneed had briefly put out a statement that he brokered the sale of the stolen portal device. Raffi knows Sneed is covering for the real people behind the attack. Raffi meets Sneed and says that she works for T'Luco who is being blamed for the attack on Starfleet and wants to know who was the real attacker. Sneed knows Raffi is lying as Sneed had already killed T'Luco to tie off his loose ends. Sneed almost kills her but is killed himself by Raffi's handler, Worf (Michael Dorn).
Cinematographer: Jon Joffin
Producer: Drew Nichols , Frank Tignini , Sean Tretta , Jason Michael Zimmerman , Trevor Roth , Aaron Baiers , Cindy Appel , Heather Kadin , Jane Maggs , Gala Goliani , Christopher Monfette , Kirsten Beyer , Douglas Aarniokoski , Paul Gadd , Akiva Goldsman , Alex Kurtzman , Dylan K. Massin , Terry Matalas , Rod Roddenberry , Patrick Stewart
Certificates: United States:TV-MA
Composer: Stephen Barton , Jeff Russo
Editor: Michael Benni Pierce
Editorial Department: Heydar Adel , Gus Comegys , Erik Lutsch , Rachel McIntire , Will Lawrence , Ryan Hymel , Geneva Willis
Sound Crew: Michael Schapiro , Alexander Pugh , Ian Shedd , Daniel Martinez , Andrew Adams , Ed Carr , Tammy Fearing , Todd Grace , Rick Owens , Von Varga
Visual Effects: Jason Shulman , Joshua LaCross , Sarah McGrail , Stephanie Sweeney , Jon Gourley , Rick Ravenell , Matthew Gilson , Melissa Delong , Dustin McKamie , Chris Hamilton , Chris Faczek , Mark Velazquez , Shawn Ewashko , Nha Hoan Le , Colton Miller , Charles Baden , Marc Bell , Linda Y. Kim , Christian-James Oshesky , Slava Sexton , John Nelson , Thaddeus Warren , Irina Lazarova , Omer Gurkan , David Cvetkovski , Alex Samorodov , Deepak Rai , Brian Cofano , Katerina Kalinska , William L. Arance , Eric Hance
Music Department: Richie Nieto , Geoff Stradling , Tom Strahle , Dylan S. Hart , Phil McGowan , Marc Juenger , Fiona Huxley , Max McGuire , Matt Friedman , Jeff Russo
Miscellaneous Crew: Yerman Gur , Justin Nickels , Thadeus Welch , Megan Crockett , Sarah Frantz , Kathryn Igarashi , Jeff Steck , Jimmy Vasquez , Nicole Falsetti , Erin Macdonald , Michaela Chilenski , Peter Kovic , Kathleen Schenck
Other Companies: McGowan Soundworks
Costume Designer: Michael Crow
Make Up: Tanya Cookingham , Alex Noble , Bianca Appice , Sasha Camacho , Afton Storton , Dyane MacKinnon
Assistant Director: Jay Cannavo , Leila Gemma
Art Department: Eric Kagan , Joshua Green , Igor Knezevic , James Addink , Dylan Bocanegra , Amanda Hart , Peter Macaluso , Jessica Pepeli , Abigail Beasley , Seth Molson , Howard Warman , Noah Schloss , Kyle Courter , Darek Zabrocki , Aaron J Green , Rupali Ingle , Arthur Ontman , Greg Aronowitz , Greg Bartkus , Doug Drexler , Al Lewis , Michael Okuda
Camera and Electrical Department: Keith Jefferies , Stephen Furry , Lorne MacDougall , Chris Cotterman , Ryan Kunkleman , Sarah Schulte , Jefri Meintjes , Maxwell Thorpe , James Ginn , Nathan Mielke , Dan Marino , Jordan Cramer , Rebecca Raines , Elijah Rawlings , Ben Betts , Nicholas Davidoff , Sean Higgins , Len Levine , Chad Rivetti , Joshua D. Thatcher
Set Decoration: Shauna Aronson
Costume Department: Sophia Coronado , Imario Susilo , John Ringhoff , Daniel Mahler Landman , Elise Drozdowski , Maggie S. Chan , Natasha Parkin , Kasha Faye , Alejandra Madrigal-Aviña , Shannon Short , Andrew Ellithorpe , Reina Alirez Herberger , Emmy Barker , Dorothy Bulac , Mitchell Ray Kenney , Sharon McGunigle , Ivory Stanton , Tyra Youland
Production Design: David Blass
Special Effects: Joe Martinez
Stunt Performer: Matt Mullins , Alyma Dorsey , Duke Conrad , Tim Storms , Chris Torres
Location Management: Alexandre Chen , William Jorgenson
Number of Seasons: Roy Beville , Michael A. Moreno , David Haggerty , Rick Kelleher , Jeremy Morgan , Jerry Smith
Casting Department: Josh Engler
Season: 3
Episode: 2
Number of Episodes: 30
Episode of: Disengage
Special Effects Companies: fx3x