Dinos in Space


Dinos in Space

Director: Paul H. Brown

Season: 1, Episode: 16

Episodes: 40

Plot: With the evil Skor thawed out in modern day Megaopolis, it is up to the heroic, recently defrosted Kung Fu Dino Posse to stop him and his bumbling brother from destroying the city.
Director: Paul H. Brown
Writer: Al Schwartz
Producer: Michael Hirsh
Type: episode
Genres: Animation, Comedy
Cast: Brent Hirose , Nolan Balzer
Runtimes: 22
Production Companies: Cookie Jar Entertainment
Producer: Michael Hirsh
Certificates: United States:TV-Y7
Sound Crew: Richard Segal
Music Department: Adam Axbey , Steve D'Angelo , Terry Tompkins
Miscellaneous Crew: Nolan Balzer
Season: 1
Episode: 16
Number of Episodes: 40
Episode of: Dinos in Space