Diesel's Taxi


Diesel's Taxi

Director: Ian Munro

Year: 1995

Season: 4, Episode: 16

Episodes: 78

Plot: Diesel reaches a stage in his life where he wants a job, a steady income and a garage of his own and Johnson suggests that since he likes moving, he should move the toys and become their taxi driver.
Original Title: Diesel's Taxi
Director: Ian Munro
Writer: John Patterson
Producer: Donna Mitroff , Anna Grieve , Jay Rayvid , Ron Saunders
Type: episode
Year: 1995
Genres: Animation, Family
Cast: Dra McKay , Leighton Young , Jonathon Hendry , Matthew Chamberlain , Peter Browne , Garry Scale , Katrina Sedgwick , Doug Scroope , Deborah Kennedy , Paul Bertram
Original Air Date: 16 Oct 1995
Production Companies: Film Australia , WQED , Fox Children's Network Inc. , ABC for Kids
Cinematographer: Richard Mekalick
Producer: Donna Mitroff , Anna Grieve , Jay Rayvid , Ron Saunders
Production Manager: Vaughan Schwass , Liz Watts
Composer: Braedy Neal , Chris Neal
Editor: Robin Archer , Neil Thumpston , Frans Vandenburg
Editorial Department: Bryn Farrelly , Julia Weinstein , Alaric McAusland
Sound Crew: Alison Black , Michael Thompson , Les Fiddess , Phil Judd
Miscellaneous Crew: Matthew Bristow , Kaye Warren , Stephen Juan , Peter Crowley , Andrew Wiggins , Jeff Paulin , Ian Munro , John Patterson , Thomas Riki , Ron Saunders
Costume Designer: Caroline Jones
Assistant Director: Spring Rees
Art Department: Grant Fahey
Camera and Electrical Department: Blair Gillan , Martin Stewart , Terry Bryan , David Neale , George Schneider
Set Decoration: Karen Baker
Costume Department: Chris Pickard
Production Design: Steve Geary , Robert Dein
Stunt Performer: Giovanni Tomillo , Peter Peacock
Season: 4
Episode: 16
Number of Episodes: 78
Episode of: Diesel's Taxi