Diego Menendes: The Early Years

Diego Menendes: The Early Years

Director: Peter Bizjak

Year: 2014

Plot: While making his web-series, independent Slovenian filmmaker Diego Menendes is facing a deep creative crisis. He will have to progress as an artist - but only if he manages to escape from a documentary about him first!
Original Title: Mladi Menendes
Director: Peter Bizjak
Writer: Peter Bizjak
Producer: Jozica Blatnik
Type: movie
Year: 2014
Genres: Documentary, Short, Biography, Comedy, Mystery
Cast: Bojana Bregar , Alenka Leonarda Merhar , Peter Karba , Diego Menendes , Denis Prvulovic , Bostjan Kozelj
Runtimes: 28
Countries: Slovenia
Languages: Slovenian
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 HD
Akas: Diego Menendes: The Early Years (World-wide, English title) , Diego Menendes: The Early Years (United States) , Diego Menendes: The Early Years (United Kingdom)
Cinematographer: Rok Nagode
Producer: Jozica Blatnik
Composer: Peter Karba
Editor: Matic Drakulic
Sound Crew: Samo Kozlevcar , Jure Strajnar
Miscellaneous Crew: Jan Zakonjsek , Miroslav Mandic , Valentin Perko , Martin Srebotnjak , Olga Toni
Assistant Director: Matic Drakulic
Camera and Electrical Department: Jernej Prebil , Peter Bizjak , Miha Mozina , Rok Nagode , Matic Drakulic , Klemen Krasevec