Destinies Fulfilled

Destinies Fulfilled

Director: Lorimer Johnston

Year: 1914

Plot: Back in '65 there was an old Southern fire eater, Pennington, and his daughter, Lucille, fell in love with Carr who was then a lieutenant in the small Yankee force that arrived in their city at the base of the mountains. When the confederacy fell, Pennington fled into the mountains with his daughter, rather than submit and there buried himself in the same place where Carr now lived with Rosemary. Several years passed and Lucille did not forget Carr, her Yankee lover. It was then that fate brought them together and old Pennington finally consented to the marriage, exacting a promise from Carr, not to take Lucille away from him and her mountain home. But with the birth of her daughter Rosemary, there came death to Lucille. The shock proved too much to the already weakened heart of the old man, and the double tragedy resulted in the weakening of Carr's mind. Thus the storekeeper tells of Rosemary and her father. Rosemary has a lover in Luke, a rough looking mountaineer, and he views the advent of Frank with suspicion. When Frank follows Rosemary and wins her love in a pretty nook of the stream, Luke is an unseen witness and hurries to persuade Carr that Frank seeks to take Rosemary away from him and the mountains. But Rosemary, frightened at the strange flurry in her heart, fled to her home in the woods and Frank, following, escapes Carr and the jealous Luke. At the house, Rosemary, seeking to make herself attractive for this new lover of hers, remembers an old trunk containing the clothes of the mother she has never seen. There are many of us who think the girls of our mother's time or our grandmother's time, were sweeter than the girls of today. At any rate, when Rosemary, brought up in the atmosphere of fifty years ago, and preserved in the mountains from contact of the outside world, unearths her mother's clothes, Frank finds in her indeed a girl of the sixties. She finally consents to elope with Frank, as the effect of the sight of her in her mother's clothes upon her father, badly frightens her and she and Frank succeed in eluding Luke and the now wildly crazed Carr. Rosemary, however, is not meant for the city life or modern life, and there comes a longing for the mountains. Luke has persuaded Carr to go to the city with him to wreak vengeance on Frank, but his plan miscarries, because the sight of Uncle Sam's uniform carries the mind of Carr back to his own days in the army and restores his memory, so he no longer concurs in the plans of Luke. When Frank realizes the longings of Rosemary and takes her back to the mountains, Luke quickly takes advantage of the opportunity to be avenged upon Frank, but Carr, now in his right mind, disposes of Luke for once and for all. Frank and Rosemary, in the old nook at the stream, find that the renewal of love is very sweet.—Moving Picture World synopsis
Original Title: Destinies Fulfilled
Director: Lorimer Johnston
Writer: Marc Edmund Jones
Type: movie
Year: 1914
Genres: Short, Drama
Cast: Joseph Knight , Sydney Ayres , Vivian Rich , Harry von Meter , Jacques Jaccard , Chick Morrison , Jack Richardson , Louise Lester , Charlotte Burton , Caroline Frances Cooke
Runtimes: 33
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Black and White::(tinted)
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Silent
Original Air Date: 12 Jan 1914 (USA)
Production Companies: American Film Manufacturing Company
Distributors: Mutual Film , Flying "A" Company
Certificates: United Kingdom:U