Dernier Soleil

Dernier Soleil

Director: Etienne Constantinesco

Year: 2021

Plot: Somewhere in the north-east of France.. Éric, penniless man who lives in his car, rejects his son Esteban, 10 years old, autistic and living under the care of his uncle. Because of another carelessness of his father, Esteban is kidnapping by two gangsters. Eric, devastated, is determined to do what's necessary in order to raise the ransom. He plunges into the city's ghetto in hopes of saving his son.—Étienne Constantinesco
Original Title: Dernier Soleil
Director: Etienne Constantinesco
Writer: Etienne Constantinesco
Producer: Antonin Sgambato
Type: movie
Year: 2021
Genres: Action, Drama
Cast: Eric Sobkow , Esteban Laroche , Wilfried Renson , Loïc Rouault , Adrien De Tomassi
Runtimes: 68
Countries: France
Languages: French
Color Info: Color::(HD)
Rating: 5.2
Votes: 63
Year: 2021
Akas: O Último Sol (Brazil) , Végső esély (Hungary)
Production Companies: Pleine Image
Distributors: MY Digital Company
Producer: Antonin Sgambato
Box Office: EUR250,000 (estimated)
Composer: Anthony Boulc'h
Editor: Basile Belkhiri , Etienne Constantinesco , Nicolas Perret
Editorial Department: Nicolas Perret , Victor Janin
Sound Crew: Cyril Carbonne , Lucas Rollin , Thomas Van Pottelberge , Clément Gallice
Miscellaneous Crew: Claire Marafin , Alix Sureda Sanchez