Deer Woman

Deer Woman

Director: John Landis

Year: 2005

Season: 1, Episode: 7

Episodes: 26

Plot: A harried, burned-out cop believes that a recent string of murders prove that the murderer might be a deer-like creature in the form of a beautiful woman right from a local Native America folklore legend.
Original Title: Deer Woman
Director: John Landis
Writer: Mick Garris , Max Landis , John Landis
Producer: Bo Altherr , Ben Browning , Morris Berger , Keith Addis , Stephen R. Brown , Andrew Deane , Mick Garris , Adam Goldworm , John W. Hyde , Lisa Richardson , Tom Rowe , Pascal Verschooris
Type: episode
Year: 2005
Genres: Horror
Cast: Sonja Bennett , Travis Dugas , Clint Andrew , Cinthia Moura , Jordan MacKay , Brian Benben , Walter High , Michael P. Northey , Anthony Griffith , John Destry , John 'Bear' Curtis , Alex Zahara , Maxine Miller , John R. Taylor , Edmond Kato Wong , Steve Archer , Ben Cotton , Lisa Marie Caruk , Zoltan Buday , Andy Thompson , Don Thompson , Julian Christopher
Runtimes: 57
Countries: United States , Canada
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78 : 1
Sound Mix: Stereo
Original Air Date: 09 Dec 2005
Rating: 6.4
Votes: 4172
Year: 2005
Akas: Deer Woman (United States)
Production Companies: IDT Entertainment , Nice Guy Productions , Reunion Pictures
Distributors: Showtime Networks , Cinemax , Future Film , Kadokawa Entertainment , Manga Films , Nelonen , Vértice 360
Synopsis: Set in a nameless northwestern town in Washington state, in a lodge where several drunk truckers are finding their respite in booze and women. One of these truckers leaves the lodge to urinate and overhears a fellow trucker screaming in pain inside one of trucks. Curiosity piqued, the drunk trucker checks the truck out but walks away after it goes quiet. Moments later, the door is kicked out.The next morning, Detective Dwight Faraday (Brian Benben), a burned-out detective whose main priority is dealing with animal attacks arrives at the lodge. He and his partner, Officer Jacob Reed (Anthony Griffith), are sent out on a call to investigate a strange call about a possible animal attack/murder. Upon arriving, the officers are shown the truck from the opening sequence, and determine that the door to the truck was kicked out by something extremely powerful.Detective Faraday enters the truck with the formerly drunk trucker from last night, and determines from a jaw bone that the unrecognizable mass of blood and pulp was human. Faraday then questions the locals as to what happened and determines that the now pile of pulp was seen with a beautiful, Native American woman before he died who had the "eyes of a deer caught in headlights". Then, Detective Patterson (Alex Zahara) takes over the investigation and after a verbal battle with Faraday sends Faraday back to the station to deal with a "royal rumble" between a woman whose dog was bitten by a monkey and the man who owned the monkey.Back at the station, Faraday is nonplussed by the monkey-dog case before him and obviously distracted by the mystery of the dead trucker, and comes to the realization that the victim was trampled from the groin upwards, leaving the dog-monkey case people in a state of comedic confusion.Faraday then goes to see the body and exchanges banter with Dana (Sonja Bennett), the attending coroner, and determines that the man died in a state of arousal and has hoof prints on what is left of his body.Elsewhere, a business man encounters a beautiful, albeit silent Native-American woman (Cinthia Moura) who takes the man to a hotel and proceeds to give him fellatio with the man leaning back, saying "Today is my lucky day." His statement is proven ironic, as he is later labeled the second victim of this murder mystery. Afterward, Dana and Faraday ponder how the murder occurred; thinking about having a deer in the cabin, or even that a woman used a deer leg as a weapon.Faraday goes home and tries to figure out the possible cause of the event, and his opinion on the probability. First, he considers the two going to the truck, at which time the woman pulls out a deer leg and beats the trucker with it. This is decided to be "stupid." Second, he considers the two walking to the truck, the girl hearing something moving around. When the two get in the truck, they hear something. When they look out, the two start to scream out in terror at a small deer with one point antlers. This is decided to be "retarded." Finally, he imagines the two walking out to the truck, the trucker states he did not leave the door unlocked. The two go in, when an anthro deer man is noticed in the front seat. The deer, dressed in jeans and red and black flannel, beats the trucker to death, kicks the door off, carries the woman off, then comes back and puts the door back in place.Elsewhere, the same mysterious Native American woman walks into the shop of a blond Southern man and uses her charm to seduce this man. This is the first time when the Deer Woman is alluded to directly as the camera captures her standing in front of a deer head, making it seem that she has antlers.In the morning, Reed confronts Faraday about finding a new dead body and tries to ask Faraday why he seems so burned out and listless. Faraday dismisses the possibility of opening up to Reed, and the audience learns that he is divorced and still traumatized by some occurrence in his life. Then, Faraday and Reed go down to the morgue to examine the new cadaver. The cadaver is that of the business man, and Dana shows him the same markings that she found on the previous victim are noted: state of arousal, trampled, deer hooves. However, small deer hairs are found and the team makes the perpetrator out to be a deer. In addition, they determine that the same beautiful mysterious woman was seen before the crime occurred. Then the body of the Southern shopkeeper is carted in, without an arm, and in a brief awkward comedic moment, Reed and Faraday head off the new crime scene.Upon arriving, they discover the arm of the dead shopkeeper on the roof and are confronted by other investigators about their presence at the scene. While Reed and Patterson are fighting about Faraday's right to be there, Faraday measures the distance between the bloody hoof prints left at the scene. The two are quickly kicked out of the scene and leave for home. Faraday decides to walk home. As he passes the Native American mural, seen in the beginning of the episode, he stops at several places where the Deer Woman image is portrayed. A mugger attempts to attack the detective, which he foils, and in anger at the stupidity of the criminal, stabs the would-be mugger in the arm with his own knife. In the background watching the entire scene, the Deer Woman watches in cautious awe and disappears into the shadows.Faraday tries to convince his skeptical boss about the presence of a so-called 'deer creature' living within the city, mentioning a mutant wolf-like creature that was shot dead in Piccadilly Circus, London in 1981, (a reference to the film An American Werewolf in London). The police chief is skeptical, but can't come up with a better explanation and gives Faraday the case.Faraday and Reed travel to a casino on a local Indian reservation where they learn from the casino pit boss about a Native American legend about the 'Deer Woman'; a spirit who takes the form of a beautiful young woman, but with her legs in the form of deer legs, who emerges from the forest to sexually arouse and kill men just for the ultimate thrill of it. The open-minded Faraday believes the story, but the skeptic Reed doesn't and wanders off. Faraday travels back to the police station to look up more history about the Deer Woman. Reed then unknowingly runs into the Deer Woman right at the casino, and offers to play the game of craps to impress her.Later that evening, Reed returns to his apartment with the Deer Woman when Faraday calls from the station and informs Reed that he's found old news reports that happened over a hundred years ago when eleven loggers in the woods were found trampled to death. Reed tells Faraday that he's got a woman with him and asks to call him tomorrow. Suspicious, Faraday asks Reed if he knows the woman and if he's seen her feet or legs. Reed suddenly realizes that the woman is the Deer Woman and yells to Faraday to send backup. The Deer Woman overhears the conversation and attacks Reed.Faraday races to Reed's apartment, but is too late, as Reed already dead, bludgeoned to death on his living room floor. The Deer Woman approaches Faraday, who instinctively shoots her in the shoulder. Examining the Deer Woman's body, Faraday pulls up her long skirt to reveal..... deer legs. Reviving, the wounded and angry Deer Woman kicks Faraday across the room with her powerful legs and flees. Faraday runs to his car and gives chase which leads to a lonely road into the woods.Faraday catches up to the Deer Woman and rams his car into her, pinning her to a tree. Incredibly, the Deer Woman tries lifting Faraday's car off her, in which he shoots her several times, until she suddenly disappears without a trace. With the unexplained disappearance of the Deer Woman, Faraday ends up laughing hysterically at the irony of his being assigned to "animal attack," the statement he keeps repeating.
Cinematographer: Jon Joffin
Producer: Bo Altherr , Ben Browning , Morris Berger , Keith Addis , Stephen R. Brown , Andrew Deane , Mick Garris , Adam Goldworm , John W. Hyde , Lisa Richardson , Tom Rowe , Pascal Verschooris
Production Manager: Margo Coughlin Zimmerman , Stacey Jade Smart , Marie Norton , Sally Dixon , Pascal Verschooris
Art Direction: Don Macaulay
Certificates: Australia:MA15+ , Canada:16+::(Quebec) , Finland:K-15::(TV rating) , Finland:K-18::(DVD) , Germany:16 , Italy:VM14 , New Zealand:R16 , Spain:18 , United Kingdom:15 , United States:TV-MA
Composer: Peter Bernstein
Editor: Mark L. Levine
Editorial Department: Matt Venables , Richard Cordes , Andrea Dixon , Chris Harvey , Mike Williamson
Sound Crew: Matthew Wilson , Jay Cheetham , Colin Smith , Kevin Belen , Kevin Konarzewski , Todd R. Mason , Joshua Stevenson , Anke Bakker , Jacqueline Cristianini , Kris Fenske , Jason Mauza , Laurie Melhus , Iain Pattison , Sebastian Salm , Paul A. Sharpe , Jean Tejkel
Visual Effects: Mladen Miholjcic , Matt Belbin , Sébastien Bergeron , Craig Clarke , Corey Bastiaans , Stu McRae , Annabelle Kent , Michael Goddard , Stephen Paschke , Lisa Sepp-Wilson , Lee Wilson
Music Department: Melissa R. Kaplan , Jen Ross , James Fogel , Mike Beckett , Lisa Brown , Edward Shearmur , Happy Walters , Michael Aarvold
Miscellaneous Crew: Shalia Edl , Gary Garfinkel , Steve Best , Katy Lew , Kristi Spencer , Raj Uppal , Ross Redhead , Nathan Lomax , Sheri Buckham , Kristin Harris , Steven Vlasak , Barbara Barnes , Kathryn Drew , Dave Harvey , Alison Stephen , Stephen Tibbetts , Desiree Zurowski , Howard Blank , Krista Johnston
Other Companies: Aikins / Cossey Casting , Boardwalk Foley , Rainmaker Digital Pictures , Sharpe Sound Studios , The Background , Thomas Cobb Design , Visual Icon
Costume Designer: Lyn Kelly
Make Up: Cleo Gagner , Rexford Bangle , Sarah Graham , Mike Fields , Dana Hamel , Adina Shore
Assistant Director: Yannick Leray , Trevor Ralph , Karin Behrenz , Mick MacKay , Ian Samoil
Art Department: Regan Steele , Rick Kramer , Doris Deutschmann , Andrei Andrianko , Bob Power , Leesa Hanna , John Lund , Dylan Dowd , Maria Ermie , Darcy Wyness , Jeremy Caniglia , Nick Dibley , Jim Geddes , Jake Miller , Les Ford , Sean McGee , John Wilcox
Camera and Electrical Department: Seth Hettrick , Ian Gariepy , Stewart Henshaw , Jeff Grimshire , Don Tupper , Dean Schwingboth , Adrian Netto , Todd Lapp , Rob Cantin , Alexander Glua , Mark Berlet , Bradley S. Creasser , Glen A. Dickson , Kieran Humphries , Christina Kasperczyk , Mike Kolafa , Chris Cove , Tom Kaczmarski , Jos Oman
Set Decoration: Ide Foyle
Costume Department: Linda Leduc , Bonnie Sutherland
Production Design: David Fischer
Special Effects: Derek Heselton , Lino Stavole , Veronica Torres , Steve Collins , Howard Berger , Mark Boley , Michael Deak , Robert Freitas , Grady Holder , James Leonard , Greg Nicotero , Ron Pipes , Frank Rydberg , Shannon Shea , Wayne Szybunka
Script Department: Alison Hunter , Alison Stephen
Stunt Performer: Jim Dunn
Location Management: Andrzej Dec-Williams , Louisa Gradnitzer
Number of Seasons: Vince Morden , Louie Hausner , John Swetlikoe , Ryan Sangha , Duane Shearer , Fraser Sutherland , Rainer Scheelisch , Miroslaw Syta
Seasons: Nancy Nayor , Kelly Wagner
Casting Department: Sandra-Ken Freeman , Kevin Mockrin
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Number of Episodes: 26
Episode of: Deer Woman
Special Effects Companies: Anthem Visual Effects , KNB EFX Group