Death Railway


Death Railway

Director: Howard Rubie

Year: 1971

Season: 1, Episode: 2

Episodes: 42

Plot: Erskine and Haber are sent in to destroy a vital road bridge that carries the goods to the construction camps for the Burma-Siam railway. However, Cato has additional plans and they find themselves captured.
Original Title: Death Railway
Director: Howard Rubie
Writer: Ron McLean , Roger Mirams , Brian Wright
Producer: Ron McLean , Roger Mirams
Type: episode
Year: 1971
Genres: Drama, Thriller, War
Cast: Jack Thompson , Peter Sumner , Redmond Phillips , Katy Wild , Bill Hunter , Max Cullen , John Meillon , Lorraine Bayly , Wi Kuki Kaa , Martin Vaughan , John Trenaman , George Assang , Charles McCallum
Runtimes: 50
Countries: Australia
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 02 Sep 1971
Akas: Death Railway (Australia)
Cinematographer: Ross King
Producer: Ron McLean , Roger Mirams
Production Manager: Bruce Gordon , Phil Smythe
Art Direction: Chris Carbin
Composer: Brian Rangott
Editor: Tim Wellburn
Editorial Department: Timothy Read
Sound Crew: Arthur Cox , Douglas Holder , John Farmer , Dennis Brosnan , Lloyd Colman
Miscellaneous Crew: Joanna Mirams , Anita Moulson , David Williamson
Make Up: Heather Armstrong
Assistant Director: Michael Falloon , Jim McElroy
Art Department: Bruce Barber
Camera and Electrical Department: Greg Cole , Eddie Hendle
Costume Department: Ron Williams
Script Department: Gilda Baracchi
Season: 1
Episode: 2
Number of Episodes: 42
Episode of: Death Railway