Deadly Departed

Deadly Departed

Director: David Winkler

Year: 2007

Season: 1, Episode: 5

Episodes: 22

Plot: Vicki runs up against a Celtic spell when she investigates why a judge, prosecutor and defense attorney are being targeted.
Original Title: Deadly Departed
Director: David Winkler
Writer: Tanya Huff , Peter Mohan , Dennis Heaton
Producer: Paul McConvey , Kirk Shaw , Marshall Kesten , Stanton W. Kamens , Peter Mohan , Adam J. Shully , Randall H. Zalken
Type: episode
Year: 2007
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance
Cast: Monique Ganderton , Gina Holden , Nimet Kanji , Christina Cox , Dylan Neal , Kyle Schmid , Keith Dallas , Eileen Pedde , Roger Allford , Mary Black , Christine Chatelain , Jennifer Gibson , Kirby Morrow , David Allan Pearson , John Treleaven , Alex Zahara
Runtimes: 43
Countries: Canada
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 01 Apr 2007
Rating: 7.4
Votes: 152
Year: 2007
Akas: Deadly Departed (Canada)
Production Companies: Insight Film Studios , Kaleidoscope Entertainment , Chum Television
Distributors: Lifetime Television , AXN
Synopsis: When Barbara Stamp's husband, defense attorney Fred Stamp, is found dead from an apparent heart attack, Barbara hires Vicki Nelson to investigate Magnus O'Connor, a convicted killer whom Fred failed to successfully defend. The reason Barbara suspects that Magnus had something to do with it is because of a threatening message she found from Magnus on her husband's voicemail saying, "You failed me. You're a dead man." Vicki learns from Mike Celluci that Magnus has a long record of assaults, including six hits with the Irish mob in Montreal. The only problem is that a week ago Magnus committed suicide in his jail cell. On Henry Fitzroy's suggestion that Magnus might have hired someone to kill Stamp, Vicki pays a visit to his family. Magnus's mother, Lavena, is not willing to talk and orders Vicki to leave their house. Just before Vicki leaves, Magnus's brother Brady warns her that anyone who crosses the O'Connor family gets hurt.With no leads there, Vicki talks with Coroner Rajani Mohadevan whose autopsy showed unusual bruises on Stamp's heart, as though someone reached into his chest and squeezed his heart until it stopped beating. Dr Rajani also shares with Vicki the report of Magnus's death, including the drawing of a large pentagram that he inflicted upon himself prior to killing himself. Further information from Mike reveals that Magnus was found lying within a circle of salt and candles. When Henry hears the details, he suspects that Magnus may have been performing a Celtic ritual meant to give him powers beyond the grave. Against his better judgement, Henry suggests that he and Vicki visit a psychic reader to obtain more information about the ritual. Sinead happens to be one of Henry's problematic ex-lovers, but she is able to identify the ritual as Wiccan last rites, a cleansing spell meant to pave the way to the afterlife. Sinead also recognizes the pentagrams on Vicki's wrists as being concentrations of power.The next day, Vicki learns that George Neely, the prosecuting attorney at Magnus's trial, has also been found dead under the same circumstances as Fred Stamp. This time, Rajani has been able to take fingerprint visualizations from both Neely and Stamp's hearts, and she has matched them to those of Magnus O'Connor. Now concerned that Magnus is somehow exacting revenge on everyone involved in his trial, Vicki attempts to warn the presiding judge, Robert Pettigrew. She finds Pettigrew cowering in his panic room after receiving a phone call from Magnus, just like Stamp and Neely before him. Pettigrew fills her in on the details of Magnus's conviction. It seems that Magnus, whom Pettigrew refers to as a "killing machine," was stopped for a traffic violation years ago, and the arresting officers quite unexpectantly found a severed head in the front seat of the car. When a rookie homicide detective opened the front door to the vehicle, the head rolled out of the car, and the rookie threw a coat over it, legally corrupting the evidence. However, Neely, Pettigrew, and the rookie kept that fact secret during the trial so that Magnus would be railroaded into a conviction. Vicki offers Pettrgrew sanctuary and asks Henry to escort him to a motel. However, it is too late. Unable to be stopped, Magnus walks right through the front door and goes for Pettigrew's heart. Vicki makes a grab for Magnus's ankle and notices that the pentagrams on her wrists are glowing. Magnus notices the pentagrams, too, but keeps heading for Pettigrew.Vicki is devastated that she was unable to save Judge Pettigrew. When Mike and his superior, Chief Crowley, question her, Vicki tells them what she has learned so far about the connection between Stamp, Neely, and Pettigrew, so Crowley sends a squad to question Brady again. Again, Brady refuses to say anything other than to profess his own innocence and assure them that Magnus did not hire a hitman. Vicki and Henry also pay a second visit to Sinead, who confesses that the ritual Magnus performed on himself wasn't a cleansing spell; rather it was a binding spell. He bound himself to someone in order to block his passage to the afterlife. Sinead will not say to whom, but she does suggest that they look closely at the photos of Magnus, as the answer is there. Vicki, Henry, and Coreen spread out all the photos and scrutinize them until Henry notices the word Mathair painted on Magnus's skin. "That's Gaelic for mother, he says.Mike has learned the name of the rookie who spoiled the evidence and then kept silent about it. It was none other than Chief Crowley. Vicki and Henry go looking for Lavena O'Connor, and Mike returns to the station to "babysit" Crowley. Vicki and Henry find Brady with his arms and legs literally fused into a chair. Brady confesses that it was his mother's doing. She put a spell on him to punish him for talking. Brady also confesses that it was his mum who turned Magnus into a killing machine and, in fact, she made Magnus commit suicide by casting the binding spell on him. Brady assures them that the spell on him will wear off eventually, so Vicki and Henry return to the station.Crowley has reluctantly opened up to Mike about why she tossed her coat over the severed head. It rolled out of the car in full view of a playground crawling with children. She didn't want the children to see the head, so she tossed her coat over it. She refuses to say more about the incident and decides to go home. Mike follows her to the parking lot just as Vicki and Henry arrive. Lavena is also there, chanting a spell, so Henry rushes over to stop her. Magnus suddenly appears and makes a grab for Crowley's heart. Vicki races over and shoves her hand into Magnus's ghostly chest, grabbing onto his heart and pulling it out. Magnus disappears, Lavena collapses, and Crowley falls to the ground, shaken but alive.Epilogue: Mike's report says that Lavena O'Connor attacked Chief Crowley in the parking lot, although he did leave out the part about her weapon of choice being her dead son. When Vicki and Henry depart the station together, Mike takes the fingerprints off a glass of water from which Henry was drinking. [Full synopsis by bj_kuehl]
Cinematographer: Danny Nowak
Producer: Paul McConvey , Kirk Shaw , Marshall Kesten , Stanton W. Kamens , Peter Mohan , Adam J. Shully , Randall H. Zalken
Production Manager: Michelle Samuels , Diane Boehme , Jadene Stojak Babcock , Sean Bowers , Brett Burlock
Art Direction: Walter Ockley
Certificates: United States:TV-14
Composer: James Jandrisch
Editor: Jamie Alain
Editorial Department: Adam Locke-Norton , Georgia Milroy , Jacqueline Hinds , Joel Madsen , Gary Porter , Jason Koroluk , Ismael Ribeiro
Sound Crew: Derick Cobden , Matthew Gionet , Chester Biolowas , Hennie Britton , Michael Keeping , Tad Nazar , Vince Renaud , Jo Rossi
Visual Effects: Richard Mintak , Douglas Kerr
Music Department: Natasha Duprey , Rich Walters
Miscellaneous Crew: Mark Leiren-Young , Laura Obenaus , Michael Bishop , Scott A. Matthews , Carly Beatty , Darren Howard , Doran Chandler , Oliver De Caigny , Robert Galletti , Arminder Randhawa , Tanya Huff , Michael Schaus , Leah Powell , Sharon Lindala , John T.L. Tang , Ann Latham , Daniel Bourque , Lisa Rose , Rachel Graham , Scott McKay , Shelley Eriksen , Dennis Heaton , David Lawrence , Denise Love
Thanks: David W. Hamilton , John Genzel , Eva B. Schmieg
Other Companies: Airwaves Sound Design , NovaStar Digital
Costume Designer: Angelina Kekich
Make Up: Honey Dawn Faircrest , Amy Van Wormer , Nicholas Podbrey , Brad Proctor
Assistant Director: Yannick Leray , Laura Garcia , Marie Witt , Michael Crain , Catherine Kretz , Adam J. Shully
Art Department: Nancy C. Lee , Brendan Taylor , Evan Allen , Guillaume Boucher , Herman Alexander , Ken Frost , David Perun , Randy Hutniak
Camera and Electrical Department: Michael Bailey , Lee Mills , Jeff Grimshire , Ed Araquel , Jonathan Chapman , Chris Banting , Tracey Chapman , Robin Lindala , Christopher Tate
Set Decoration: Alexandra Rojek
Costume Department: Marie Hock , Christina Barry
Production Design: Andrew Deskin
Special Effects: Brant McIlroy , Charlie Schrodt , Martin Testa
Script Department: Travis McDonald , Sandra Montgomery
Stunt Performer: Monique Ganderton , Kim Howey , Steven McMichael , Owen Walstrom
Location Management: Chad Bretschneider , David S. Fullerton
Number of Seasons: Richard Chilton
Seasons: Laura Toplass
Casting Department: L.A. Hilts , Judy Lee , Jon Comerford , Lisa Parasyn , Edward D. Rea
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Number of Episodes: 22
Episode of: Deadly Departed