Dead River

Dead River

Director: Tim Huebschle

Year: 2012

Plot: Set during Apartheid in Namibia, 'Dead River' follows the unlikely friendship of a farm worker's son and the farmer's daughter. David and Lisa meet through the melodies she plays on her flute and he whistles. Lisa's disgruntled father outlaws the friendship and sends his daughter to the hostel. Before the end of Apartheid, Lisa returns to the farm as a young woman and meets David again. Events take a turn for the worse and Lisa sees no other option than to flee the country. Many years later Lisa returns. She is here to face her past and to visit the graves at Dead River.—Tim Huebschle
Original Title: Dead River
Director: Tim Huebschle
Writer: Tim Huebschle , Rolf Ackermann
Producer: Cecil Moller , Marinda Stein
Type: movie
Year: 2012
Genres: Short, Drama, History, Music
Cast: Hans-Christian Mahnke , David Ndjavera , Christin Meinecke-Mareka , Erven Katiti , Shaquille Shikwambi , Jade Coury , Jens Schneider
Runtimes: 34
Countries: Namibia
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 12 Jul 2012 (Namibia)
Rating: 7.0
Votes: 7
Year: 2012
Production Companies: Collective Productions Namibia
Cinematographer: Frederik Füssel
Producer: Cecil Moller , Marinda Stein
Composer: Alessandro Alessandroni
Editor: Haiko Boldt
Sound Crew: David Benade
Visual Effects: Christof van Niekerk
Make Up: Beverly Kulan Ganes
Art Department: Gina Figueira
Camera and Electrical Department: Benito Xoagub , Renier de Bruyn
Costume Department: Ina-Maria Shikongo
Production Design: Stephan Eins