De scoutsvriendin van Amika


De scoutsvriendin van Amika

Director: Dennis Bots

Year: 2010

Season: 3, Episode: 22

Episodes: 164

Plot: Olivier's ideas for the death wall work, so Merel is ready. The wheelchair girl shays away from them after Amika spontaneously came to her. When Cindy arrives, Oli must pretend he was taking a riding lesson and let her escort him to the family dinner for Cardinero. Ma prepared a laxative to chase the buyer, but MC substituted water, fearing he might catch her during the death wall duel.—KGF Vissers
Original Title: De scoutsvriendin van Amika
Director: Dennis Bots
Type: episode
Year: 2010
Genres: Romance
Cast: Niels Destadsbader , Gregory Van Damme , Marc Coessens , Rudy Morren
Original Air Date: Dec 2010
Production Companies: Studio 100
Sound Crew: Jan Van Hende , Marc Hagenaars
Season: 3
Episode: 22
Number of Episodes: 164
Episode of: De scoutsvriendin van Amika