Das Wunder von Merching
tv movie

Das Wunder von Merching

Director: Thomas Kronthaler

Year: 2012

Plot: The people of Merching used to live from tourism, which has come to a standstill for years. With the impending incorporation, the long-suffering residents of the idyllic provincial village are now threatened with the painful loss of their independence. In the hour of greatest need, a rumor spreads that the statue of the Virgin Mary in the local field chapel is shedding tears. The as-ordained miracle of Merching arouses skeptics, but an ecclesiastical examination confirms the authenticity of the supernatural phenomenon. Overnight, the dreamy place becomes a pilgrimage paradise - there is no longer any talk of incorporation. The people of Merching are happy, but the hard-working farmer Kathi is feeling increasingly uncomfortable The young Fenzlb farmer Kathi struggles to manage her father's farm in the remote Bavarian town of Merching. Times are tough because tourists rarely venture into the former tourist resort. And now Kathi has to find out that the devious Fritz Krontaler, mayor of the neighboring town of Mirning, wants to incorporate her indebted village. All alarm bells are ringing for her, because the priest who has been hearing her frail father Quirin's confession for decades would be rationalized away, as would her urgently needed part-time job in the citizens' office. Since the people of Merching, especially the indolent local mayor Willi Schubert, put their hands on their laps, Kathi prays for a miracle in the small field chapel of the Fenzlhof. A raindrop falling through the leaky roof at this moment gives the impression that the wooden statue of the Virgin Mary is shedding a tear. Kathi interprets this sign from heaven in her own way and, with the help of her clever son Leonard, stages the miracle of Merching. The sensational news spreads like wildfire, whole busloads of pilgrims want to see the "Weeping Madonna". The flow of visitors revitalizes the orphaned gastronomy of the pilgrimage site - the incorporation is therefore off the table. Krontaler foams with anger and asks the Ordinariate Commission to examine the supposed miracle.—ADR Das Erste
Original Title: Das Wunder von Merching
Director: Thomas Kronthaler
Writer: Dominique Lorenz
Producer: Anja Föringer , Sabine Wenath , Kirsten Hager
Type: tv movie
Year: 2012
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Oliver Scheffel , Eva Wittenzellner , Klaus Steinbacher , Stephan Zinner , Jule Ronstedt , Fred Stillkrauth , Michael A. Grimm , Torben Liebrecht , Robert Giggenbach , Erni Mangold , Johannes Herrschmann , Beles Adam
Runtimes: 89
Countries: Germany
Languages: German
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 04 May 2012 (Germany)
Rating: 5.7
Votes: 26
Year: 2012
Akas: Ein blaues Wunder (Germany)
Production Companies: Hager Moss Film
Distributors: Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ARD)
Cinematographer: Christof Oefelein
Producer: Anja Föringer , Sabine Wenath , Kirsten Hager
Production Manager: J. Michael Schober , Patrick Wosien
Composer: Martin Unterberger
Editor: Moune Barius
Editorial Department: Ariel Sages
Sound Crew: Michael Hergott , Simjon Spengler , Philipp Scholz , Shinho Yu , Gerd Jochum , Michael Gerlach , Oliver Jergis
Visual Effects: Rick Baxstar
Miscellaneous Crew: Ingo Hermann , Lisa Busse , Silke Richter , Alexandra Planincic , Stephanie Konopka , Yella Yarí Fenner , Tim Ellrich , Oliver Strauch , Fabian Barth
Costume Designer: Esther Walz
Make Up: Martine Flener
Assistant Director: Karsten Hinrichs , Peter Fuchs
Art Department: Kersten Grossmann , Ralf Habermann , Veronika Klaus , Beate Sperber , Lion Bischof
Camera and Electrical Department: Matthias Wallinger , Stefan Herzog , Hendrik Heiden , Christine Loistl , Christine Heinrich , Robert Matzeck , Kay Wagner , Matthias Ganghofer
Costume Department: Munkhzul Purevdorj , Christian Binz , Anna-Maria Valeton
Production Design: Marion Foradori
Script Department: Elisabeth Grawe , Malina Poranzke
Location Management: Hans Wagner
Seasons: Nicole Fischer