Darkest Night

Darkest Night

Director: Noel Tan

Year: 2012

Plot: A family gathers for a happy reunion and marriage announcement on Christmas Day at an isolated mansion in the Philippine mountains only to encounter a series of bizarre, demonic, and tragic events.
Original Title: Darkest Night
Director: Noel Tan
Writer: Russ Williams
Producer: Russ Williams , Noel Tan , Sheena Sunga , DJ Perry
Type: movie
Year: 2012
Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Cast: Marife Necesito , Issa Litton , Justin Hoong-Fai Chan , Anne Gauthier , Trixie Dauz , Elle Velasco , Jill Palencia , Jonas Gruet , Kevin Vitug , Raymond Osmeña , Giann Paula Martizano , Zeny Sevilla , Shierdan Pamintuan , James Lomahan , Crisanto Garrido , Alexandra Marie Tan , Clark Gamul , Allan Dale Alojipan , Nic Campos , Czarina Llane Kwong , Chris Joshua Tan , Christian Tan , DJ Perry , Stefano Rota
Runtimes: 99
Countries: Philippines
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 HD
Sound Mix: Dolby SR::(2.0)
Original Air Date: 01 Jul 2013 (USA)
Rating: 2.9
Votes: 289
Year: 2012
Production Companies: Gothic Pictures International , Collective Development
Distributors: ITN Distribution , MIG Film , Maxim Media International , Midnight Releasing
Synopsis: Filmed in a "found video and mock-documentary" style, Darkest Night depicts a family holiday reunion at an isolated home in the Philippine Sagada Mountains. The family's happy time is shattered by bizarre, supernatural and tragic horrors no one can explain. Their house is cut off from civilization and plunged into darkness by forces that shut down much of modern technology. Strange events rapidly spread fear and panic. The area becomes totally isolated.Then, one by one, the family members die or disappear in weird and terrifying ways, defying natural laws. The few who are left, including the main characters, young Susan and her fiancé Ken, struggle for survival amid family conflicts and dark terrors. They must find out what is happening to them so they can escape this deadly trap.Shocked, they finally they discover who their true tormentor is, as well as how and why these terrible things are happening. Is it too late to keep the rest of them from dying? Is the fate that awaits them even worse than death or hell? A mystical book they find seems to hold the key to controlling unseen dark forces that threaten to unleash ghosts from an evil past.In the end, survival depends on Susan and Ken. Can they trust each other, or even themselves, to contain the fears that threaten to destroy them? Suspense and mystery keep you unsettled and guessing till the very end, when they uncover and confront their real enemy.This film is a psychological horror story with intense family drama, suspense, action and terror. It contains a minimum of gore, violence or graphic special effects. There are no cliché or oft-used thrill gimmicks. The viewer is led step by step into a dark, demonic world of sinister and fantastical events, where the familiar meets the supernatural, and your most cherished loved one could be your mortal enemy.On the surface, Darkest Night is an entertaining and truly scary thriller, in the best traditions of Asian and American horror films. However, for those who want to probe deeper, the story has multiple layers of dramatic family conflicts, character motivation and thematic depth. The film also provides insightful commentary on modern society and technology, as well as how their elements have a corrupting influence on family relationships.Darkest Night reveals the darkest side of family "togetherness." Even the most outwardly happy of modern families can hide painful and twisted emotions. The sins of one good-intentioned relative can damn and destroy an entire family.
Cinematographer: Bryan Sales
Producer: Russ Williams , Noel Tan , Sheena Sunga , DJ Perry
Production Manager: Ruth Yap
Art Direction: Crisanto Garrido
Box Office: $125,000 (estimated)
Certificates: Germany:18 , United States:TV-MA
Composer: Sonny Dave Flores Taclibon
Editor: Louis Sean Bata
Sound Crew: Aljune Urrutia , Sonny Dave Flores Taclibon
Visual Effects: Sonny Dave Flores Taclibon
Miscellaneous Crew: Anne Mano , Jesse Mendoza , Mell Navarro , Mildred Arra Manalastas , Ryan Q. Aranda , Lennard Samson Canilao , Claudine Buenafe-Tan , Shane Parminter , Lea Castaneda , Gracelle Anne Liwanag
Thanks: Joel Mendez , Larry Simmons , Joy Tanno and Family , Myra Limpin Kiuchi and Family , Jeff Kennedy
Other Companies: 1st Call Grip , Bank of America , China Bank , Digital Video Production , Government Officials of Pampanga Province , HSBC Bank , Large Door Pictures , Magnifico Coffee , Pen Door Pictures , Skin Pro Production
Costume Designer: Mary Anne de Chavez
Make Up: Crisanto Garrido
Assistant Director: Shierdan Pamintuan , Kyle Sotelo
Art Department: Oscar Malajito , Jerick Dela Cruz
Camera and Electrical Department: Michael Tay , Gil Policarpio , Jeff Aro
Costume Department: Mary Anne de Chavez
Production Design: Mary Anne de Chavez
Special Effects: Alf Alacapa , Marlon Roque
Videos: Video 1
Script Department: Marjorie Anne T. Maño , Vonnaire Menchate , Emmanuel Rei I. Liwanag , Roma Paula C. Canlas
Number of Seasons: Sheena Sunga , Claudine Buenafe-Tan
Seasons: Allan Dale Alojipan
Casting Department: Zeny Sevilla