Cyborg Revolution

Cyborg Revolution

Director: Jacquelyn Marker

Year: 2020

Season: 1, Episode: 4

Episodes: 6

Plot: We've all seen Cyborgs in Hollywood blockbusters. But it turns out these fictional beings aren't so far-fetched. In fact, this program features a true-to-life cyborg, who at four months of age, was the youngest American to be outfitted with a myoelectric hand. And at one ground-breaking engineering facility, engineers are developing biotechnologies that can even further enhance high-tech like this by giving mechanical prosthetics something incredible: the physical sensation of touch. Other engineering firms are gearing up powerful exoskeletons that both rehabilitate and enhance the power of the human body - improving the lives of those with paralysis and transforming the work force. But the real pivot is getting machines inside the body. An out-of-the-box "transhumanist" featured in the show installs a chip inside a person's hand. It works as a key that unlocks doors, literally and figuratively. However, brain-machine integration poses the biggest challenges, and the biggest rewards. Cutting-edge neuroscientists and technologists reveal how computer chips can directly interface with the human brain in ways that not only rehabilitate, but which can also "read thoughts" in real-time. Remarkably, a breakthrough technology called "Computer Assisted Telepathy" is achieving the impossible. Through a test subject's mind only, she's able to control another person's body. Technologies like these will pave the way toward the Cyborg Revolution.
Original Title: Cyborg Revolution
Director: Jacquelyn Marker
Writer: Kyle McCabe , Christopher Webb Young
Producer: David Cook , Jacquelyn Marker , Angie Renee Allen , Emma Watts , Kk Ng , Kyle McCabe , Christopher Webb Young
Type: episode
Year: 2020
Genres: Documentary
Cast: John Donoghue , Angel Giuffria , Thad Starner , Amal Graafstra , Zach Haas , Justin Abernethy , Robert Armiger , Luke Osborn , Jason Jones , Arto Nurmikko , Rajesh Rao , Preston Jiang , Jane Romani
Original Air Date: 2020
Production Companies: Al Roker Entertainment
Producer: David Cook , Jacquelyn Marker , Angie Renee Allen , Emma Watts , Kk Ng , Kyle McCabe , Christopher Webb Young
Production Manager: Caren Franklin
Composer: Stephen O'Reilly
Editor: Anthony Carvalho , Satoko Sugiyama
Editorial Department: Sergey Akimov , Joey Riz
Sound Crew: Brian Bracken , Aidan Dykes
Miscellaneous Crew: Sandra Sosa
Other Companies: String and Can
Animation Department: Anthony Rhoads Jr. , Joe Presser
Art Department: Weston Morgan
Seasons: Christine Scowley , Beth Levy Nelson
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Number of Episodes: 6
Episode of: Cyborg Revolution