Crash Landing


Crash Landing

Director: Lance Kneeshaw

Year: 2023

Season: 37, Episode: 19

Episodes: 1310

Plot: With patients coming in from a derailed train, locum consultant Max Christie gets involved with a girl footballer having a miscarriage, Stevie neglects an unco-operative patient and Robyn has a realisation about Paul while treating a baby.
Original Title: Crash Landing
Director: Lance Kneeshaw
Writer: Rebekah Harrison
Producer: Mat McHale
Type: episode
Year: 2023
Genres: Drama
Cast: Charles Venn , Moey Hassan , Sheena Bhattessa , Adam Sina , Neet Mohan , Elinor Lawless , Michael Stevenson , Ian Weichardt , Amanda Henderson , Amelia Baldock , Helena Dennis , Milo Clarke , Levi Heaton , Shalisha James-Davis , Arin Smethurst , Nigel Harman , William Beck , Kirsty Mitchell , Di Botcher , Paul Popplewell , Neil Grainger
Original Air Date: 18 Feb 2023
Rating: 7.1
Votes: 8
Year: 2023
Producer: Mat McHale
Production Manager: Karen Howard , Lou Prendergast , Owen-Rhys Evans
Art Direction: Ruby Clarke
Editorial Department: Laura Thomas , Vincent Narduzzo
Music Department: Lani Aitken , Dani Bonventre , Mike Holloway
Miscellaneous Crew: Delun Williams
Assistant Director: Ella Stockton , Amy Clarke , Manon Metcalfe , Arwel Evans
Art Department: Christie Cheng
Camera and Electrical Department: Charlie Gough , Niah Davies , Lewis Rees
Costume Department: Jodie Myra Smith
Script Department: Richard Pask
Stunt Performer: Curtis Rivers
Seasons: Kevin Riddle
Season: 37
Episode: 19
Number of Episodes: 1310
Episode of: Crash Landing