Conquered; or, The Madcap Countess

Conquered; or, The Madcap Countess


Year: 1913

Plot: The object of Lady Madcap's interest is an individual by the name of Burns. He is a young gentleman of Matinee-Idol countenance and clothes, is John-Drewesque in his society poses and very much in the limelight when there is a rescue at hand where the water is not deep. He throws off his coat and risks spoiling the lower portion of a glove-fitting riding suit to plunge in where the water is nearly up to his shoulders and pull out another man who found it difficult to push himself below the surface of a pond. On another occasion, when accompanied by a number of gallants in a cross-country ride, the Madcap Countess tosses a ring into a pond and enjoys the sport of watching the men search for it as the price of a kiss. She is really trying out the man she has chosen and is both piqued and pleased that he is not to be made a fool of in that manner; he is simply wiser than the others. He also jumps a higher obstacle than she, merely proving, by the way, that he has a better horse, but she accords him all the credit. The methods of Mr. Burns are simply a modification of those of Mr. Stone-Hatchet. Some brilliant ensembles indicate the magnificent hospitality of the young Countess; she entertains royally, and these constitute one of the many attractive feature of the photoplay. She gives unique garden parties, appears in daring costumes, displays the symmetry of her figure, draws an enchanted circle of acquaintances around her, and tries all the winning arts at her command to temporarily subjugate that she may be, in turn, forever subjugated. On one of these occasions the garden hedge parts and discovers to the guests a fairy-like scene and a charade enacted by the hostess in company with a band of pretty children. On another she prepares a surprise in the way of a loop-the-loop structure of great height. A motor car is hoisted to the top and a challenge issued. In order to make a complete descent the automobile must turn a complete somersault in the loop, and the hazard of steering it is obvious. Lady Madcap has been torn with jealousy more than once at her own functions, when Burns saw fit to torment her with conspicuous attention to some other attractive woman, and her expressive face has shown the high emotional state of her mind when she has discovered his studied inconstancy, all the suffering has been hers, but she brings the relation to a climax by daring those who think her worth winning to ascend the dizzy structure and risk the perilous descent. The number of volunteers is not especially flattering. All fade away save Burns. He discards his coat, climbs slowly to the top of the shaky-looking arrangement, enters the car, and dashes to his fate. Every foot of the way is followed by the camera, even when the car turns completely over, to the end. The daring Burns becomes the center of general attention, is the hero of the moment, and the Countess proudly congratulates him, but he does not claim the reward. He resumes his coat, bows coldly and prepares to depart. Lady Madcap is compelled to follow; her submission is now complete, and she wins her hero.—Moving Picture World synopsis
Original Title: Conquered; or, The Madcap Countess
Type: movie
Year: 1913
Genres: Short, Comedy, Drama
Countries: Denmark
Languages: None , Danish
Color Info: Black and White
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Silent
Original Air Date: Jan 1913 (USA)
Akas: Conquered; or, the Madcap Countess (Denmark)
Production Companies: Nordisk Film Kompagni
Distributors: Nordisk Film Kompagni , Great Northern Film Company