Chloe, A to Z

Chloe, A to Z

Director: Joseph Fusco

Year: 2010

Plot: When 22-year-old Chloe is left with an unexpected pregnancy after a sexy date, she must face her secret past to move into an uncertain future. Torn between her choices, her friends influence her difficult decision: abortion or adoption.
Original Title: Chloe, A to Z
Director: Joseph Fusco
Writer: Joseph Fusco
Producer: Joseph Fusco
Type: movie
Year: 2010
Genres: Drama
Cast: D'Monaye , Angel Dillemuth , Jon Thorndike , Natasha Warner , Amy Uzi , Dianna Martin , Judy Brilliant , Rachel O. Crouse , Heather M. Rush , Dolan Sweetnine , David Aaron , Maria Pastel , The Naked Cowboy
Runtimes: 72
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Black and White
Aspect Ratio: 1.66 : 1
Sound Mix: Stereo::(Digital)
Original Air Date: 12 Apr 2011 (USA)
Rating: 5.8
Votes: 10
Year: 2010
Production Companies: FuscoFilm
Distributors: NewFilmmakers
Synopsis: What do you do when you're pregnant and alone? That question's all too real for 22-year-old bohemian East Village artist Chloe, who's left with an unexpected pregnancy after a one-night stand with a sexy stranger. Battling ghosts of her past that she has tried to forget and facing an uncertain future, Chloe must choose between abortion or adoption, with either option leading to potentially dire consequences. Torn between her options, she finds comfort in the arms of a wild-child lesbian performance artist named Ana Blue and support in a mysterious stranger named Carlos, who may or may not be whom he appears to be. Chloe, A to Z deals with women's reproductive rights, pansexual relationships, and the ever-changing cityscape of New York. It features the spectacular locations of Coney Island, Times Square, and the East Village.
Cinematographer: Dimitri Wurman
Producer: Joseph Fusco
Composer: Moby Gratis
Editor: Dimitri Wurman
Sound Crew: Joseph Fusco , Allan Gus
Miscellaneous Crew: Erik Hageman , Kaitlyn Tikkun , Amy Ouzoonian
Thanks: Douglas Gowland , Heidi Miami Marshall , Todd Goings , Angela Relucio , Cheryl Fusco , Ray Edelstein , William Staley , Matthew Elefant , Barbara Gray , Christianna Kontou , Matthew W. Flannery , Gregory Lamberson , The Naked Cowboy , Johnny Sanchez
Assistant Director: Ashley Caldwell
Art Department: Ashley Caldwell , Ferris