Change Your Partner

Change Your Partner

Director: Nat Hiken

Year: 1961

Season: 1, Episode: 4

Episodes: 60

Plot: Toody and Muldoon's 9 blissful years as partners stun a researcher who finds the average prowl car pair last only 16 months before screaming to be switched. If the NYPD management engineer can discover their secret and replicate it, that'll save the blue brass many headaches. But Gunther and Francis' precinct mates don't want to know what actually goes on in Car 54, or even worse: can New York's finest clone empty-headed chatterbox Toody and somber, cerebral Muldoon ?—David Stevens
Original Title: Change Your Partner
Director: Nat Hiken
Writer: Nat Hiken , Tony Webster
Producer: Louis Melamed , Nat Hiken
Type: episode
Year: 1961
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Phil Kennedy , Joe E. Ross , Fred Gwynne , Paul Reed , Beatrice Pons , Ruth Masters , Nathaniel Frey , Dan Frazer , Frederick O'Neal , Hank Garrett , Bruce Glover , Joe Warren , Nipsey Russell , Jim Gormley , Bruce Kirby , Albert Henderson , Shelley Burton , Jerome Guardino , Duke Farley , Arthur Anderson
Runtimes: 26
Languages: English
Color Info: Black and White
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Mono
Original Air Date: 08 Oct 1961
Rating: 7.7
Votes: 88
Year: 1961
Production Companies: Eupolis Productions
Distributors: National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
Cinematographer: George Stoetzel
Producer: Louis Melamed , Nat Hiken
Production Manager: Martin Leichter , Robert E. Short
Certificates: United States:TV-PG
Editorial Department: Ray Sandiford
Sound Crew: Richard Gramaglia
Music Department: Nat Hiken , John Strauss
Miscellaneous Crew: Harold Reidman , Mary K. Tosto
Assistant Director: Mickey Rich , Sal Scoppa Jr.
Art Department: Fred Ballmeyer , Albert Brenner
Camera and Electrical Department: John J. Delaney , Harry Ford , Richard C. Kratina , Sol Negrin
Set Decoration: J.C. Delaney
Costume Department: Vince Stewart
Videos: Video 1
Script Department: Barbara Robinson
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Number of Episodes: 60
Episode of: Change Your Partner