Centerfold Mickey


Centerfold Mickey


Year: 1988

Season: 2, Episode: 19

Episodes: 46

Plot: David and Max Sr. think Mickey's going to appear in a nude photo spread.
Original Title: Centerfold Mickey
Writer: Gordon Farr , Lynne Farr
Type: episode
Year: 1988
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Teri Copley , Dick Gautier , John Hillner , Ron Karabatsos , Bobbi Pavis , Tom Villard , Kevin West , Lance Wilson-White
Original Air Date: 06 Feb 1988
Production Companies: InterMedia Entertainment Company
Production Manager: Bruce A. Pobjoy
Make Up: Jody Lawrence
Season: 2
Episode: 19
Number of Episodes: 46
Episode of: Centerfold Mickey