Cave Calamity

Cave Calamity

Director: Oskar Nilsson

Year: 2023

Season: 14, Episode: 11

Episodes: 281

Plot: Norman tries to finish his Sea Life Spotting project but both he and his mother end up stranded in a cave by the rising tide. Sam pilots Juno to rescue them just in time.
Original Title: Cave Calamity
Director: Oskar Nilsson
Producer: Fred Soulie
Type: episode
Year: 2023
Genres: Animation, Family
Original Air Date: 06 Feb 2023
Distributors: ARD / ZDF Kinderkanal (KIKA) , ARD Mediathek , Amazon Instant Video , Amazon Prime Video , Disney+ , Google Play , Junior , Kika , Kinderkanal (KiKA) , MagentaTV , Netflix , Nickelodeon , ORF 1 , ORF Eins , Super RTL , Videoload , ZDF Mediathek , iTunes , Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF)
Producer: Fred Soulie
Art Direction: Ian Moir
Composer: Amanda Cawley , Mike Shields
Sound Crew: Colin Wind
Miscellaneous Crew: Carley Aggromito
Animation Department: Klrissa Wright , Daniel Mandina
Script Department: Carley Aggromito
Season: 14
Episode: 11
Number of Episodes: 281
Episode of: Cave Calamity