Cauliflower and Cranberries - Robert

Cauliflower and Cranberries - Robert

Director: Chris Knight

Year: 2015

Season: 1, Episode: 29

Episodes: 54

Plot: In this "C" episode, Chef Robert Jewell shows us what he can do with cauliflower and cranberries. First he grates some cauliflower and adds garlic, cheese, an egg, and some herbs to create a tasty flourless bread. Next up is the cranberries. Robert simmers cranberries, sugar, and water to create a sauce. Then he makes white chocolate ganache and prepares pistachios and more cranberries before putting it all together to create a delicious tart. But the real challenge is when Robert uses cauliflower and cranberries in an unconventional combination dish.
Original Title: Cauliflower and Cranberries - Robert
Director: Chris Knight
Writer: Chris Knight
Producer: Mark Prasuhn
Type: episode
Year: 2015
Genres: Reality-TV
Cast: Robert Jewell
Original Air Date: 04 Dec 2015
Production Companies: Gusto Worldwide Media
Cinematographer: Matthew A. MacDonald
Producer: Mark Prasuhn
Production Manager: Steph Brown , Vanessa Ogg
Art Direction: Maciej Fijalkowski
Editor: Ryan Figura , Francis Deschênes , Rob Daze , Robert Dazé
Editorial Department: Arianne Barbin , Chris Coote
Sound Crew: Jerry Turchyn
Visual Effects: Madeline Charlton
Music Department: Sean Hayden
Miscellaneous Crew: Chris Knight , Matt West , Madison Oklobdzija , Daniela Crocco , Bal Mahal , Arianne Barbin , Karrie Galvin , Nicole Rogers , Mary Clare Kendrick , Megan Kendrick , James Gilchrist , Dan Schmied , Haden Brundle , Kath McIntyre
Other Companies: Hair Expectations , Victory Arts
Make Up: Angie Mills
Assistant Director: Mary O'Shea
Art Department: Madison Oklobdzija
Camera and Electrical Department: Fabian Paquette Grimes , Justin Newsom , Steph Brown , Lionel Goddard , Julien Cheron , Karl Roeder
Season: 1
Episode: 29
Number of Episodes: 54
Episode of: Cauliflower and Cranberries - Robert