Caught by Cowboys

Caught by Cowboys


Year: 1910

Plot: Mona Semple refuses Bob Thornby, the ticket agent, as gently a possible, for, though she does not love him, she rather likes him. The same disappointment is accorded John Wilbur, following his proposal in her upon her return to the ranch from the station. With her refusal of John, she tempers encouragement because she likes John more than Bob. Still she doesn't say "yes" to either of them. Bob and John have been chums, until the affair with Mona made them enemies. A natural frequency for two men loving the same girl, despite the strongest bond of friendship existing previously. When the disappointment is keen, it will serve to ignite the latent spark of innate evil smoldering in the breast of the rejected one. Such is the case with Bob Thornby. Ranchman Semple having sold a great number of cattle, sends Mona with the money to the express office to be placed in the safe until sent on to the bank. The station, usually filled with cowboys happens to be empty of all but the agent Bob, who again presses his attentions upon the girl. She refuses him so emphatically this time, that he grows threatening and surly, so much so that she becomes alarmed and endeavors to take up the money and leave the office. But Thornby, anticipating her move, and realizing that he is in for it whichever way the wind blows, seizes her, binds her to a chair, writes a note implicating John Wilbur, pins it to her waist, and then, grabbing up the money, mounts the girl's horse and dashes off toward the canyon. Meanwhile John has seen Mona riding toward the station, and thinking she was going to see the agent, but not knowing her mission, he jealously presumes her visit is a friendly one. He mounts his horse and follows her. Arriving at the depot he sees Thornby riding away on Mona's horse, and hurrying into the office, discovers the bound girl, releases her, and takes her home upon his own horse. Leaving her in the care of her parents he hurries to the outhouse and soon a crowd of cowboys are on the trail of the fleeing agent. They find the horse returning riderless. Dashing on they discover Thornby climbing the rocks of a steep canyon. Firing into the air more to alarm him than to hit him, they endeavor to bring him down. In the frenzy of desperation the agent turns and empties his revolver at the cowboys who return his fire. One of the bullets strikes him on the arm, causing him to relax his hold whereupon he slides down into the arms of the cowboys below who immediately secure him. Upon their arrival at the ranch they learn of the note implicating John in the theft but none give it it credence. They are all for peremptorily finishing Thornby, but the rancher intercedes and gives him one hour to get out of town. Then he gives his daughter to Wilbur with his blessings.—Moving Picture World synopsis
Original Title: Caught by Cowboys
Producer: Mark M. Dintenfass
Type: movie
Year: 1910
Genres: Short, Western
Countries: United States
Languages: None , English
Color Info: Black and White
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Silent
Original Air Date: 02 Nov 1910 (USA)
Production Companies: Champion Film Company
Distributors: Motion Picture Distributors and Sales Company
Producer: Mark M. Dintenfass