Catch That Kid

Catch That Kid

Director: Bart Freundlich

Year: 2004

Plot: A girl and her two friends raid a bank, looking for the money needed for financing the cure of her dying father.
Original Title: Catch That Kid
Director: Bart Freundlich
Writer: Nikolaj Arcel , Fabian Wullenweber , Erlend Loe , Michael Brandt , Derek Haas
Producer: Damien Saccani , Mikkel Bondesen , James Dodson , Jeffrey Graup , Gym Hinderer , Andrew Lazar , Uwe Schott
Type: movie
Year: 2004
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Family
Cast: Dawn Lewis , Linus Merwin , Stark Sands , Todd M. Hofacker , Max Thieriot , Kristen Kerr , Daniel Dotterer , Claudia DiFolco , Grant Hayden Scott , Shane Avery Scott , Gianina Sbardellati , Kristen Stewart , Corbin Bleu , Jennifer Beals , Sam Robards , John Carroll Lynch , James Le Gros , Michael Des Barres , Lennie Loftin , François Giroday , Christine Estabrook , Kevin G. Schmidt , Audrey Wasilewski , Meagen Fay , Lucy Butler , Elizabeth Decker , Marcus Hester , Robert Harvey , Patrick Stinson , Jerry Penacoli , Maria Quiban , Kane Ritchotte , Franklin Dennis Jones , Chelsea Bond
Runtimes: 91
Countries: Germany , United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital , DTS
Original Air Date: 06 Feb 2004 (USA)
Rating: 5.2
Votes: 10843
Year: 2004
Akas: Mission: Possible (Germany) , Mission: Possible - Diese Kids sind nicht zu fassen! (Germany) , Mission Without Permission (United States) , Catch That Girl (United States) , Mission Without Permission (United Kingdom)
Production Companies: Fox 2000 Pictures , Mad Chance , Nimbus Film Productions , Mediastream Dritte Film GmbH & Co. Beteiligungs KG , Catch That Girl , Eclipse Catering , Splendid Productions
Distributors: Twentieth Century Fox , Fox 2000 Pictures , Hispano Foxfilms S.A.E. , UGC-Fox Distribution (UFD) , Gemini Film , 20th Century Fox Argentina , 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment , 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment , FS Film , Gativideo , Excel Productions Audio World , Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment , ABC Family , Film1 , Mainostelevisio (MTV3) , Disney Channel , My Network TV , RTL Entertainment , Disney+ , Moviemax Family , Cartoon Network
Synopsis: Madeline Rose "Maddy" Phillips (Kristen Stewart) is a 12-year-old girl who loves to climb. Her father Tom (Sam Robards) has climbed Mount Everest so it runs in the family. Several years earlier, Tom fell more than 100 feet during a climb and because her parents Tom and Molly (Jennifer Beals) are afraid she might hurt herself, they have ordered Maddy not to climb. Tom had some internal injuries from that earlier fall which he did not know about and now the injury has paralyzed him from the neck down. There is an experimental operation costing $250,000 which can save him, but insurance will not pay for the operation and the family does not have the money. Harderbach Financial's president Brisbane (Michael Des Barres) refuses to loan the amount and does so by putting loopholes in a contract Molly signed (he is really trying to avoid loaning any money at all). When asked if he has a heart, Brisbane coldly responds "This is not an emotional issue, Mrs. Phillips. A bank has no heart. Only paper in a vault." That is when Maddy first gets the idea to rob the bank.Maddy steals three go-carts from her father and convinces her two friends Gus (Max Thieriot) and Austin (Corbin Bleu) to help her. They remain hesitant, so she tells both of them that she loves him and does not care for the other and gives half of her friendship necklace to each of them, claiming she has the other half and kissing them both on the cheek. They break into Harderbach Financial (a bank in which Molly had begun to work for, creating a security system). They manage to break in, but with her mother at the hospital visiting their father, she is forced to babysit her younger brother Max (Grant Hayden Scott and Sean Avery Scott). She and Gus progress to a room with thousands of security deposit boxes while Austin keeps the guards away from them. Maddy has to free climb to get to the exit when her hook gets caught in a crack when using the handhelds. She cracks the code (finding it is Madeline) and they flee the room, unintentionally setting off the alarm as they did not type the exit code. While escaping from the guard dogs at which point Austin demonstrates his dog-training skills, the trio is caught by Gus' brother, Chad, who tasers his partner (and then himself, though accidentally) after understanding the situation. However, just before escaping, Gus and Austin find out that Maddy played them after seeing each other's necklaces and leave her, but later come back for her.The three hop into their go carts, trailed by the police, but Austin holds all the cash in his cart, starts running out of gas. He then leaps into Gus' cart, and they escape to the hospital. They rejoin with Maddy in time to disable police cruisers by popping the tires with jacks. When Mrs. Phillips arrives, Brisbane attempts to pass all the blame on her. But ultimately, he is rejected by a French man named Francois who says Brisbane's irresponsibility of having a party with an untested security system is a knucklehead move. Meanwhile, the kids make it to the hospital. However, they are caught up to by Maddy's mother, the bank security, the police, and the press. Maddy's mother then takes responsibility, saying that this was an authorized test for the bank's security. As they leave, reporters outside of the hospital mention about the incident and how it was motivated when the insurance company wouldn't help the Phillips family.The following morning, Mrs. Phillips says what Maddy did was wrong, but apologizes as it was her over-protection that started all the trouble in the first place. The press sympathizes with them, allowing them to hold a fundraiser the day after earning enough money for Maddy's father's surgery. Even a friend named Mr. Hartmann (John Carroll Lynch) gives a "consultation fee" of $50,000. As Brisbane's irresponsibility got him fired, Hartman is now the president of the bank. At the go cart rally after the operation, Gus and Austin make Maddy decide who she loves. She sniffs both of them and causes a debate between them. While they do so, she backs away and they run after her saying who is the better boyfriend and the movie ends.
Cinematographer: Julio Macat
Producer: Damien Saccani , Mikkel Bondesen , James Dodson , Jeffrey Graup , Gym Hinderer , Andrew Lazar , Uwe Schott
Production Manager: Patrick Esposito , Michael Beugg
Art Direction: Denise Hudson
Box Office: $18,000,000 (estimated)
Certificates: Argentina:Atp , Australia:PG , Canada:G::(Alberta) , Finland:K-7 , France:Tous publics , Germany:6 , India:U , Ireland:PG , Italy:T , Japan:G , Malaysia:U , Netherlands:6 , Russia:12+ , Singapore:PG , South Africa:A , South Korea:All , United Kingdom:PG , United States:PG , United Arab Emirates:Not Rated
Composer: George S. Clinton
Editor: Stuart Levy
Editorial Department: Marisa Clayton , Lonnie A. Mathes , Gary Burritt , Matvey Shatz , Jonny Winograd
Sound Crew: Robert Carr , Erin Michael Rettig , Chris Navarro , Clarissa Keller , John Soukup , Matthew C. Beville , Chris David , Avram D. Gold , Lisa Hannan , Shawn Kennelly , John Kohlbrenner , Mark Lanza , Cliff Latimer , Michael Mesirow , Michael A. Morongell , Piero Mura , Sonny Pettijohn , Eric Potter , Terry Rodman , Paul Rodriguez , Joan Rowe , Sean Rowe , George Simpson , Christopher Sposa , Jussi Tegelman , Eric Thompson , Ed White , David A. Whittaker
Visual Effects: Robert Lukacs , Jeff Varga , Aanand Shrestha , Leah Nall , Patrick Keenan , Michael M. Walsh , Jeff M. Sharar , Chris Hopkins , Cosmas Paul Bolger Jr. , Gilbert De La Garza , Anthony Doublin , Heather Ignarro , Ko Maruyama , Roger Nall , Shannon Leigh Olds , Marco S. Paolini , Edward Quirk , Sharon Stetzel , Tommy Tran
Music Department: Tim Lauber , John Rodd , Darren Higman , Julie Eidsvoog , Diana Stata , Danielle Diego , Bryon Rickerson , Jacob Bunton , Ellen Ginsburg , Kazzer , Trudy Lynn , Kent Stephany , George S. Clinton , Debbi Datz-Pyle , Mike Flicker , Matt Friedman , Rick Giovinazzo , Suzie Katayama , Steve Kempster , Tom Steel , Bill Talbott , Damon Tedesco , Joshua Winget , Laura Ziffren
Miscellaneous Crew: Rick S. Sulier , Cory Cate , Brandon Rafferty , Laurent Marchand , Zak Knight , Miri Yoon , Adam Mutchler , Bethany Bilsky , Amy Jarvela , Jaynie Chen , Maria Faillace , Brehan Fitzgerald , Nick Hiltgen , Todd M. Hofacker , Ryan Malloy , Mahesh Pailoor , Augustina Perez , James Renfroe , Jerry Shih , Ryan Dean , Lesley Kallet , Ann Shimabukuro , Joe B. Hall , Sara Kennedy , Steve Apostolina , Kevin Arnold , Marissa Linn Carus , Robert Clotworthy , Wendy Cutler , Amy Davila , Elisa Gabrielli , Alejandra Gravier , Cindy J. Gray , Carla Hacken , Steven Hacker , Gym Hinderer , Bridget Hoffman , Dave Kasubowski , Sherry Kecskes , Adam Martin , Caitlin McKenna , Peter McManus , Adam Moos , Paul Pape , Marty Pistone , Ahmed Saker , Lee Sbardellati , Steve Susskind , Crystal Weaver , Alex L. Worman , Sean Wicks
Other Companies: 20th Century Fox Television , Alvin Animal Rentals , Blind , Central Casting , Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment , DeLuxe Laboratories , Direct Tools & Fasteners , Eidsvoog-Katayama Music Preparation , J.L. Fisher , Leonetti Company , Pacific Title , Panavision Remote Systems , Panavision , Scarlet Letters , Signet Sound Studio , Technicolor , The Newman Scoring Stage, Twentieth Century Fox Studios , The Wilshire Stages , Twentieth Century Fox
Costume Designer: Salvador Pérez Jr.
Make Up: Camille Friend , Lori McCoy-Bell , Edna Sheen , Laini Thompson , Melanie Verkins
Assistant Director: Gary Edwards , James Dodson , Peter Merwin , Lincoln Myers , Mic Rodgers , Carrie Rudolf , James Sbardellati , Roee Sharon , Daniel R. Suhart , Greg Zekowski
Art Department: Neil Gahn , Daniel Frey , Heather Hudson , Melanie Renfroe , Robert Grbavac , Jennifer R. Blair , Brian Barnhart , Rion Waller , Joseph Kevin Garcia , Gary McMahon , Courtney Brandy , Donn Cross , Richard Clendenen , Rodney Wright , Raymond Borton , Ken Howard , Craig Davidson , Richard Rogers , Tyler Lafferty , Kevin Cleary , Curtis Crowe , Guillaume DeLouche , Chris Fuentes , Neil Gahm , Mary Gustafson , Kim Hix , Trey Howard , Michael Klingerman , Thomas D. Krausz , Jonah Markowitz , Paula Maslowski , John McElroy , James P. Meehan , Mark Meloccaro , Marc Messenger , Christopher Pappas , Steve Roll , Rodney Rosene , Eric Steinway , Thomas Woessner
Camera and Electrical Department: Craig Kohlhoff , Brian Cazan , Matthew Boeka , David A. Santana , Corey Checketts , Fernando Frausto , Tony Somma , Chris Mac , Jeff Andrus , Michael Baird , Adam Baral , John-Paul Beeghly , Mike Benson , Chris Brow , Richard Cantu , Kenny Carceller , David Chameides , Joseph V. Cicio , David Clayton , Trey Clinesmith , Thomas Crawford , Marq Edwards , Jerry Eubanks , Richard Foreman Jr. , Lonnie S. Gatlin , Bob Hall , Jeff Hand , Jimmy Keys , Ryotaro Kinno , Bob E. Krattiger , Richard Mall , Tim Marshall , David L. Merrill , John Joseph Minardi , Rob Morey , David Pearlberg , Blake Pike , Lionel Portugal , Brennan Price , Ron Santoyo , Kenny Schneider , Michael J. Schwartz , Philip Shanahan , Alec Shepherd , Jeff Stanman , Daniel L. Turrett , Troy N. Wade , John Waldo , Peter Albert
Set Decoration: Melissa M. Levander
Costume Department: Artemio Carpio , Sabine Huber , Jalene Murphy , Devon Patterson , Larry Velasco
Production Design: Tom Meyer
Special Effects: John Elliot , Philip Bartko , Brent W. Bell , Sam Dean , Dennis Petersen , David Sandlin , George Vrattos
Videos: Video 1 , Video 2
Script Department: Sharon Cingle , Dawn C. Dreiling , Diana Valentine , Bart Freundlich
Stunt Performer: Thomas Robinson Harper , Dean Bailey , Shan Groff , Kenny Alexander , Jane Austin , Jacob Chambers , Eliza Coleman , Bret Davidson , Loren Dennis , Christopher Doyle , Roel Failma , Jeremy Fitzgerald , Terry James , M. Evan Jensen , Paul M. Lane , Shawn Patrick Lane , David Lea , Kurt D. Lott , Kent W. Luttrell , Eddie Matthews , Gary Paul , Gregg Sargeant , John D. Sarviss , Paul E. Short , Gary J. Wayton , Lee Whittaker
Location Management: Emre Sonmez , Ptah Shabaf-Lyons , Paul D. Boydston , David Diamond , Roger D. Faires , Michael Leon , Robert Lepucki , Stevie Nelson
Number of Seasons: Jenny Tallent , Steve Polon , Michael Helgesen , Bob Wachs , Bo Ehrig , Michael Burnette
Seasons: Douglas Aibel , Michael Hothorn
Casting Department: Cindy Tolan , Kim Ju , Chris Deguzman , Matt Lyons , Chris Bustard , Donna Isaacson , Caitlin McKenna , Lee A. Miles
Special Effects Companies: Digital Filmworks , 11:11 Mediaworks , Pacific Title