Casa com Parede

Casa com Parede

Director: Dênia Cruz

Year: 2020

Plot: An urban settlement being removed after a fire that destroyed more than 50% of the shacks. Women, men and children moving to this long-awaited home. This story is revealed in a playful way by a child who dreamed of living in a house with a wall, because in her eight years of life, she and her mother lived in a community between boards and tarpaulins.
Original Title: Casa com Parede
Director: Dênia Cruz
Writer: Dênia Cruz
Type: movie
Year: 2020
Genres: Documentary, Short
Runtimes: 16
Countries: Brazil
Languages: Portuguese
Color Info: Color
Production Companies: Demaré
Cinematographer: João Augusto
Editor: João Augusto , Johann Jean
Sound Crew: Stanley Gilman