Director: Leslie Libman

Year: 2005

Season: 2, Episode: 7

Episodes: 45

Plot: After living for 8 years in an alternate world that only Tom and Alana remember the world with the 4400 has returned as it was at the second the 8 years started. A 30 year old 4400 woman wakes up and finds everybody else in her local community dead. Maia puts April's love for her to a test.—Qultlifter
Original Title: Carrier
Director: Leslie Libman
Writer: Scott Peters , René Echevarria , Douglas Petrie
Producer: Craig Sweeny , Ira Steven Behr , Ben Brafman , Kathy Gilroy , Lisa Melamed , Scott Peters , Frederick Rappaport , Perry Simon , Maira Suro
Type: episode
Year: 2005
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Cast: Patrick John Flueger , Chad Faust , Hrysoula Papadopoulou , Sage Brocklebank , David Purvis , Soultana Nikolaidou , Conchita Campbell , Giota Militsi , Matias Hacker , Jordan Lasorsa-Simon , Zoe Katsatou , Jason Benson , Nikos Nikas , Maria Zervou , Afroditi Antonaki , Joel Gretsch , Jacqueline McKenzie , Mahershala Ali , Laura Allen , Samantha Ferris , Sherilyn Fenn , Natasha Gregson Wagner , Karina Lombard , Richard Kahan , Kavan Smith , Garret Dillahunt , Ingrid Torrance , Sean Devine , Craig March , Daniella Evangelista , Daniel Bacon , Julius Chapple , Billy Campbell
Runtimes: 41
Countries: Canada
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16 : 9 (widescreen)
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital::(Dolby 5.1)
Original Air Date: 24 Jul 2005
Rating: 7.2
Votes: 431
Year: 2005
Akas: Carrier (Canada)
Production Companies: 4400 Productions
Distributors: Cinemax
Synopsis: An entire town of dead people leads Tom and Diana on the grisly trail of Jean DeLynn Baker, a 4400 who has the ability to grow toxin-emitting spores on her hands. It seems Jean has come to the conclusion that the lethality she now possesses is not a curse, but is instead a gift that enables her to "purify humanity." Meanwhile, Matthew Ross joins the 4400 Center as an advisor to Shawn, who has become overwhelmed with a deluge of letters seeking help now that his healing powers have been made public. The Center also finds Lily trying to keep Isabelle at peace while she adjusts to her introduction to her halfsister Heidi. Elsewhere, still unaware of his role in Jordan Collier's assassination, Kyle reconnects with Wendy; and Diana leaves Maia in the care of her sister, who crosses the line and uses Maia's pre-cognitive abilities for profit.
Cinematographer: Tony Westman
Producer: Craig Sweeny , Ira Steven Behr , Ben Brafman , Kathy Gilroy , Lisa Melamed , Scott Peters , Frederick Rappaport , Perry Simon , Maira Suro
Production Manager: Val Stefoff
Art Direction: Douglasann Menchions
Certificates: United States:TV-14 , Venezuela:PG-13
Composer: Claude Foisy
Editor: Ron Yoshida
Editorial Department: Achim Kapitza , Dan Judy , Anne Marie McGinn , Fred W. Richters , Katie Schaefer , Kirk Hay , Seán Travers , Flavio Bidese , Halima K. Gilliam , Greg Krantz , James Lawson , Marc Wielage
Sound Crew: Megan Goudsward , Jonathan Golodner , Bob Arons , Larry Hopkins , Kevin Konarzewski , Anke Bakker , Larry Benjamin , Ken Cade , Alan Decker , Paul Drenning , Lars Ekstrom , Jim Fitzpatrick , William Freesh , Mike Gardner , Dan Giannattasio , Philip Hunter , Albert Ibbotson , Takako Ishikawa , Adam Jenkins , Sherry Klein , Kenneth Kobett , Bobby Mackston , Darryl Marko , Maureen Murphy , Mike Olman , Mike Paprocki , Iain Pattison , Paul A. Sharpe , R. Russell Smith , Matt Temple , Mark DeSimone
Visual Effects: Roberto Biagi
Music Department: Shawn Pierce , Tim P. , Amanda Abizaid , Scott Cochran , Claude Foisy , Elliot Lurie , Stephen Phillips
Miscellaneous Crew: Dawn Mander , Adam Levy , Lukasz Madziag , Sabrina B. Karine , Robin Gurney , John MacCulloch , Rachel Graham , Maria Zervou , Rey Astronomo , Kymn Brettoner , Clark Candy , Roberta Cenedese , Josephine Ochej , Scott Steyns
Other Companies: NovaStar Digital
Costume Designer: Trish Flynn
Make Up: Zabrina Matiru , Rita Ciccozzi , Janet MacDonald
Assistant Director: Larissa Ballstadt , Morgan Beggs , Mark Bunting , Sean Osmack
Art Department: Grant Cotterall , Shay Hilliard , Michael Love , Andrew Thompson , Ron Andrews , Clare Davis , Les Ford , G. Andrew Hussey , Cherie Kroll , Robert K. Smith , Nevin Swain
Camera and Electrical Department: John Seale , Jean Chiasson , Al Bruce , Simon Hunt , Scott Kozak , Armin Matter , Michelle Ortt , Michael Taschereau
Set Decoration: Wendy Harke
Production Design: Ian D. Thomas
Special Effects: Bob Comer
Script Department: Ari Eisner , Wendy Mclean , Neil Williams
Stunt Performer: Leif Havdale , Gaston Morrison
Location Management: Tom Teotico , Scott Walden
Number of Seasons: James Perenseff
Seasons: Elizabeth Melcher , Holly Powell
Casting Department: Azja Pryor , Corinne Clark , Richard Hicks , Jennifer Page , Mark Scott
Season: 2
Episode: 7
Number of Episodes: 45
Episode of: Carrier