Cancer Hair

Cancer Hair

Director: Gail Hackston

Year: 2014

Plot: Cancer Hair is an ambitious short film about Claire, young woman in remission from cancer who is extremely self conscious about her hair loss. Her good friend Sandra persuades her to go on her first post "all clear" date with a likely lad Andrew, who is seemingly after a one night stand. After a disastrous start to the date, the two find unexpected common ground in her illness and recovery. This new found affinity prompts her to remove her wig, revealing her true vulnerabilities, if only to him.—Gail Hackston
Original Title: Cancer Hair
Director: Gail Hackston
Writer: Gail Hackston
Producer: Andrew Carslaw , Lucy V Hay , Isabelle Sieb , Helga Bryndís Ernudóttir
Type: movie
Year: 2014
Genres: Short, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Cast: Samantha Hopkins , David McCusker , Sam Rogers , Laura Aikman
Runtimes: 10
Countries: United Kingdom
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Rating: 6.6
Votes: 18
Year: 2014
Cinematographer: Vanessa Whyte
Producer: Andrew Carslaw , Lucy V Hay , Isabelle Sieb , Helga Bryndís Ernudóttir
Production Manager: Annabel Bates , Jon Brayford
Composer: Stephanie Taylor
Editor: Dean Harding
Sound Crew: Helen Miles , Joe Fletcher
Miscellaneous Crew: Jesús Santaeularia , Adam Freeth , Irene Marco , David Cordon , Maria Negoita , Laura Ion , Chloe Pynen , Marcus Sotchmer
Costume Designer: Annalisa Andriani
Make Up: Chloe Edwards , Emma Trachtenberg
Assistant Director: Markus Meedt
Art Department: Diane Gibson , David Vidal , Diego Valdez
Camera and Electrical Department: Doug Walshe , Nick Coleman , Shivani Hassard , Karl Man , Gary Edwardson , Luc Sung Yu Lun
Costume Department: Eda Giray
Production Design: Annalisa Andriani
Number of Seasons: Daniel Deighton