Caillou's School Bus

Caillou's School Bus


Year: 1997

Season: 1, Episode: 42

Episodes: 199

Plot: Caillou doesn't go to school yet but he really wants to ride on the school bus that stops outside his house every morning. When Dad takes him to see the bus from close up the driver offers to take Caillou with the other children the next day. Caillou makes a special painting for the driver and they have a marvellous ride.—Anonymous
Original Title: Caillou's School Bus
Producer: Micheline Charest , Ronald A. Weinberg
Type: episode
Year: 1997
Genres: Animation, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy
Cast: Al Gravelle , Evan Smirnow
Runtimes: 5
Original Air Date: Jan 1997
Rating: 5.0
Votes: 10
Year: 1997
Producer: Micheline Charest , Ronald A. Weinberg
Other Companies: SMEC Media and Entertainment
Animation Department: Stego , Roxanne Ducharme
Art Department: Valery Mihalkov
Season: 1
Episode: 42
Number of Episodes: 199
Episode of: Caillou's School Bus