C.T. Fletcher
podcast episode

C.T. Fletcher


Year: 2019

Season: 1, Episode: 1291

Episodes: 1948

Plot: C.T. Fletcher is an ex-power lifter, actor, video-blogger, and owner of Iron Addict Gym. He is a 3-Time World Bench Press Champion and 3-Time World Strict Curl Champion.
Original Title: C.T. Fletcher
Type: podcast episode
Year: 2019
Genres: Comedy, Talk-Show
Cast: C.T. Fletcher , Joe Rogan
Runtimes: 163
Original Air Date: 06 May 2019
Rating: 5.4
Votes: 6
Year: 2019
Production Companies: Joerogan
Certificates: United States:TV-MA
Season: 1
Episode: 1291
Number of Episodes: 1948