Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

Director: Alan Alda

Year: 1975

Season: 3, Episode: 16

Episodes: 251

Plot: Trapper writes a letter to his daughter, Shirley Temple dances, and the 4077th tries to take a mental break from GIs suffering from hypothermia and post-op bleeding by throwing a benefit picnic for the orphanage.
Original Title: Bulletin Board
Director: Alan Alda
Writer: Larry Gelbart , Simon Muntner , Richard Hooker
Producer: Larry Gelbart , Burt Metcalfe , Gene Reynolds
Type: episode
Year: 1975
Genres: Comedy, Drama, War
Cast: Jennifer Davis Westmore , Alan Alda , Wayne Rogers , McLean Stevenson , Loretta Swit , Larry Linville , Gary Burghoff , Jamie Farr , William Christopher , Patricia Stevens , Kellye Nakahara , Johnny Haymer , Roy Goldman , Jeff Maxwell , Bill Robinson , Todd Susman , Shirley Temple , Dennis Troy
Runtimes: 25
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Mono::(RCA Photophone Sound Recording)
Original Air Date: 14 Jan 1975
Rating: 7.5
Votes: 521
Year: 1975
Akas: Bulletin Board (United States)
Production Companies: 20th Century Fox Television
Distributors: CBS
Synopsis: Henry Blake will tell everything he knows about sex in the monthly lecture to the men of the 4077th MASH. Actually, he speaks on birth control; all 18 of the UN peace-keeping forces are cautioning their men not to "litter" Korea. The one thing they don't need in Asia is more Asians. There isn't enough food, housing & schools to go around to begin with. Margaret asks Frank for a loan to help her sister (who is younger to Margaret and is getting married) and he refuses. Houlihan had asked for $240 as a loan to buy her a wedding present. Its key money for an apartment. She also says that her mother drank Houlihan's inheritance from her dad. Half the money went to keep her sober, and the other half to bail her out of jails. When she is sober, she is a kleptomaniac.Trapper writes his 7-year old daughter, Becky, about his life in Korea. He lives in a smelly tent with 2 other doctors. He describes Dr. Pierce as a good egg, but grumpy in the a.m.; Dr. Burns is "sort of like a substitute teacher that stays all year.".. The wounded never stop coming all year long. Trapper tells Becky about a case of hypothermia Frank pronounced dead without first checking the carotid artery. Trapper is able to revive the soldier and save his life.Not even Shirley Temple can keep Klinger and Zale (Johnny Haymer) from fighting. At the night movie, Klinger is on a date when Zale makes fun of him for wearing women's dresses and hats and this prompts Klinger to attack him. even Father Mulcahy cant stop them and they end up destroying the projector. Eventually the MPs break them up. Poor Henry loses a patient who was bleeding in Post op and he is upset. It was a 18 yr old kid and Henry is distraught. The guys want him to unwind with the 4077 at the 1st annual Polly Adler B'day cookout, picnic and BBQ with proceeds to Sr. Theresa's Korean orphans. Hawkeye and Trapper tell Henry that he did all he could and if they don't unwind once in a while, they will all go crazy. All booths are doing well except for Klinger's gypsy $1.00 per kiss booth: you would not believe what the nurses expect for a dollar! But Henry is not having fun. Radar plays bonzo drums and the nurses dress up to perform a hula dance. There is a race to transfer water from a drum to a glass, using spoons. The first team to fill the glass, wins.Hotlips is frosty to Frank about the $240; he will loan it to her if she signs an IOU and pays him interest. He thinks 5% would be good. Houlihan attacks Frank. Frank runs from Houlihan and mistakenly wins the nurses 100 m dash race. A game of tug-of-war ensues; it is officers versus enlisted men. Played over a wet, muddy pond, the game is a riot as everybody ends up in the muddy pond (starting with Radar and Frank) and it does wonders to lift Henry's spirits. But then reality bites, and choppers approach with more wounded.
Cinematographer: William K. Jurgensen
Producer: Larry Gelbart , Burt Metcalfe , Gene Reynolds
Production Manager: Ted Butcher , Mark Evans
Art Direction: Rodger Maus
Certificates: United States:TV-PG , United States:13+::(Common Sense Media) , United States:TV-14
Editor: Fred W. Berger , Stanford Tischler
Editorial Department: Joseph Silver
Music Department: Johnny Mandel , Lionel Newman , Robert Bain
Miscellaneous Crew: Walter D. Dishell
Assistant Director: Leonard S. Smith Jr.
Camera and Electrical Department: Al LaVerde , Richard Thorpe
Set Decoration: Norman Rockett
Season: 3
Episode: 16
Number of Episodes: 251
Episode of: Bulletin Board