Bom Dia Brasil
tv series

Bom Dia Brasil


Year: 1983

Seasons: 5

Plot: Presented by Carlos Monforte, Bom Dia Brasil appeared in 1983 as a news program of about 30 minutes in length, essentially political and economic, carried out and broadcast on national television, direct from Brasília. While the nightly news programs worked with a greater volume of information and addressed a more heterogeneous audience, using a synthetic and objective language, Bom Dia Brasil invested in an informal approach and in an accessible language, always with the concern of explaining the issues to the viewer. political and economic issues addressed by the program. This concept was adopted due to the characteristics imposed by its schedule and its main themes.—
Original Title: Bom Dia Brasil
Writer: Carlos Monforte , Wilson Ibiapina , Roberto Lopes
Type: tv series
Year: 1983
Genres: News
Cast: Fred Ferreira , Chico Pinheiro , Ana Paula Araújo , Cristiane Dias , Mariana Becker , Rodolpho Gamberini , Antônio Britto , Carlos Monforte , Álvaro Pereira , Antônio Augusto , Taís Lopes , Maurício Sampaio , Marcelo Netto
Countries: Brazil
Languages: Portuguese
Color Info: Color
Rating: 7.7
Votes: 33
Year: 1983
Production Companies: Rede Globo de Televisão
Distributors: Rede Globo de Televisão
Number of Seasons: 5
Series Years: 1983-