Director: Phillip J. Roth

Year: 2001

Plot: As a result of a drilling accident, a giant man-eating boa constrictor is released into a maximum security prison in Antarctica.
Original Title: Boa
Director: Phillip J. Roth
Writer: Terri Neish , Phillip J. Roth
Producer: Richard Smith , Jeffery Beach , Melanie J. Elin , James Hollensteiner , Thomas J. Niedermeyer Jr. , Ken Olandt , T.J. Sakasegawa
Type: movie
Year: 2001
Genres: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Cast: Daniel McCoy , Alex Williams , Dean Cain , Elizabeth Lackey , Mark Sheppard , Dean Biasucci , Craig Wasson , Grand L. Bush , Richard Tanner , Amanda Kiely , Greg Collins , Gary Hershberger , Dana Ashbrook , Robert Madrid , Chris Ufland , Christopher Michael , Marcus Aurelius , Eric Gerleman , Ron Otis
Runtimes: 96
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1
Original Air Date: 07 Jul 2010 (Brazil)
Rating: 3.4
Votes: 1815
Year: 2001
Akas: New Alcatraz (United States) , New Alcatraz (United Kingdom) , Infierno en Alcatraz (Spain) , 新惡魔島 (Taiwan) , Νέο Αλκατράζ (Greece)
Production Companies: Cell Block Productions Inc. , Unified Film Organization
Distributors: New City Releasing , Bridge Entertainment Group , Cell Block Productions Inc. , Columbia TriStar Films de Argentina , Columbia TriStar Home Video , LK-TEL , Net5 , Unified Film Organization (UFO) , e-m-s the DVD-Company
Synopsis: In New Alcatraz, the world's most secure prison located in Northeastern Antarctica, a drilling operation occurs which inadvertently releases a giant boa constrictor from the ice. The snake chews a hole through the ice, and security discovers it days later. However, during an inspection of the hole, the snake is let loose into the prison, killing three workers in the process. The prison sends out a distress call which is received by the United States military. They hire paleontologist Robert Trenton, and his wife Jessica to assist a military team in the search. When they arrive at the prison, they discover the only survivors to be head of security Quinn, and prison warden Fred Ryan.After one troop is killed by the snake, the rest of the team, and Quinn go to search for him. However, a gas explosion occurs that kills the rest of the military team, as well as Quinn. This attracts the snake, which chases Robert, and Jessica, and Jessica is seemingly killed. Robert returns to the security room, and convinces Riley to release the prisoners for help. Riley then releases the prisoners, and the group devises a plan to escape. During the escape, one of the prisoners, Kelly Mitich, attempts to save himself, only to be killed by the snake that accidentally causes another gas explosion which kills Riley. Meanwhile, the other group led by prisoner Yuri Breshcov finds Jessica alive, and they take her in. The snake then kills two of the prisoners, and Yuri, and Jessica escape to the surface. Meanwhile, Robert, and prisoner Patricia O'Boyle attempt to escape, although the snake kills Patricia while Robert escapes to the surface. Robert, Jessica, and Yuri attempt to escape on the military plane, although the snake sneaks onto the plane, and kills one of the pilots. In the ensuing battle, Yuri is sucked out of the plane, and falls to his death, as does the snake. Robert, and Jessica, bewildered, ask the remaining pilot if he can still fly, to which he responds to by asking if the snake is still in the back of the plane.
Cinematographer: Todd Barron
Producer: Richard Smith , Jeffery Beach , Melanie J. Elin , James Hollensteiner , Thomas J. Niedermeyer Jr. , Ken Olandt , T.J. Sakasegawa
Production Manager: Melanie J. Elin
Art Direction: Roger Baer
Certificates: Argentina:13 , Australia:M , Canada:14A , Germany:12 , United Kingdom:15 , United States:R
Composer: Richard McHugh
Editor: Randy Carter , David Flores
Sound Crew: Bill Reinhardt
Visual Effects: Kevin Gendreau , Dave Jerrard , Steven M. Blasini , Yancy Calzada , David Chan , Harry Eisenstein , D.R. Greenlaw , David Ridlen
Music Department: Ric Gallaher
Miscellaneous Crew: Mike Tristano
Thanks: Chris Beach , Cliff Davis , Daniel Flynn , Angela Garcia , Jim O'Neill , Don Reinhardt , Renee Rogers , Guy Thomas , Shadow & Luna , Fillula Belle , Mushi Belle , J. Tyler Carpenter , Donna M. Santistevan , Ed Mantini , Men Quach , Ana Reeser , Sam Reeser , Madeliene Rizo , Carolina Slativeri , Ricky Stoutland , Chau Tran , Nguyet Truong , Angela Beach , Brianna Beach , Danny Beach , Roberta Beach , Wendy Clawson , Annette Elin , Darren Elin , Eric Elin , Leslie Elin , Rodney Elin , Beryl Lawrence , John Reeser , Elizabeth K. Roth , Nancy Webb , Michael DeLorenzo , Mel Metcalfe , David Wang
Other Companies: ADCO/United Rentals , Adobe After Effects , Adobe Photoshop , Airline Film & Television Promotions Inc. , All Payments Services , BTS Payroll Services Inc. , Cannella Productions , Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment , Cinemobile System , College of the Canyons , Crown Reality , Davis Electric Inc. , Deux Lang Casting , Digital Image Laboratories , Dr. Rawstock , Espresso Express , Eyeon Digital Fusion Post , Eyewatch Studio Services , Film Finances , Gary Krowse Insurance Company , Imperial Bank , J.L. Fisher , Jacoby, Capogrosso & Wahl , Keslow Camera , Lokbox Electronic , Los Angeles Metropolitan Water District , Magic Film and Video Works , NT Audio Visual , Newtek Lightwave 5.6 , Papa's Catering , Pixel Magic , Protocal , Reel Good , Screen Music Studios (SMS) , Security Fire Protection Inc. , Sessions Payroll Management , Solitaire Cine III , The Action FX Company , Title House , Tri-Signal Integration Inc. , Western Studio Services
Costume Designer: Julia Bartholomew
Animation Department: Bradley Mullennix
Make Up: Francie Hart , Michelle Werner
Assistant Director: Stephen Heslin
Art Department: Kenneth Caldwell , Marco De Oreo , Ron Miller , Georges Zeter
Camera and Electrical Department: Joe Pacella , John Cappilla , Peter Enneking , Sergio Eremenco , Michael A. Johnson , Alan Morier , Christopher M. Morlock , Greg Morris , Sean Peacock , Leon Samuelson , Thomas Vozza , Jason Young
Costume Department: Darragh Marmorstein
Production Design: David Huang
Videos: Video 1
Script Department: Cecilia Weiss
Stunt Performer: Dan McCoy , Cole S. McKay , Ron Otis
Number of Seasons: Gary Jackson , Ken Kaplan
Seasons: LariAnn Lang , Shala Lang