Blubgub/Power Flower

Blubgub/Power Flower


Year: 2005

Season: 1, Episode: 26

Episodes: 55

Plot: When Zeeter finds a lone flower, she wants to save it by bringing it home. But when she accidentally leaves the lid off of its contained environment, the flower must venture out for water.
Original Title: Blubgub/Power Flower
Writer: Dennis Haley , Marcy Brown
Type: episode
Year: 2005
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi
Runtimes: 28
Original Air Date: 2005
Certificates: United States:TV-Y
Miscellaneous Crew: Kevin R. Grazier
Animation Department: Nic Camecho
Season: 1
Episode: 26
Number of Episodes: 55
Episode of: Blubgub/Power Flower