Blow the Man Down

Blow the Man Down

Director: Bridget Savage Cole , Danielle Krudy

Year: 2019

Plot: Mary Beth and Priscilla Connolly attempt to cover up a gruesome run-in with a dangerous man. To conceal their crime, the sisters must go deep into the criminal underbelly of their hometown, uncovering the town's darkest secrets.
Original Title: Blow the Man Down
Director: Bridget Savage Cole , Danielle Krudy
Writer: Bridget Savage Cole , Danielle Krudy
Producer: Drew Houpt , Lucas Joaquin , Lia Buman , Tim Headington , T.J. Watson , Jason Reif , Alex Scharfman , Tatiana Bears , Max Silva , Albert Berger , Ron Yerxa
Type: movie
Year: 2019
Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Cast: Mark S. Cartier , Morgan Saylor , Sophie Lowe , Owen Burke , Kat Palardy , Meredith Holzman , Will Brittain , Gayle Rankin , Adam Wolf Mayerson , David Pridemore , Linda Shary , Neil Odoms , Kendray Rodriguez , Mary Coombs , David Coffin , Ebon Moss-Bachrach , June Squibb , Marceline Hugot , Annette O'Toole , Margo Martindale , Skipp Sudduth , Thomas Kee
Runtimes: 91
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1
Original Air Date: 20 Mar 2020 (Australia)
Rating: 6.4
Votes: 11578
Year: 2019
Akas: Derribad al hombre (Spain) , Afunde o Navio (Brazil) , ブロー・ザ・マン・ダウン-女たちの協定- (Japan, Japanese title) , Στα απόνερα των μυστικών (Greece) , Поднять паруса (Russia)
Production Companies: Secret Engine , Tango Entertainment
Distributors: Amazon Prime Video , Amazon Studios
Synopsis: Priscilla and Mary Beth Connolly are sisters living in the small fishing town of Easter Cove, Maine, whose mother has recently died. At the wake, Doreen Burke, Susie Gallagher, and Gail Maguire, contemporaries of their mother, offer condolences. Mary Beth learns that the family fishmonger business is in trouble and that their mother took out a loan against the house which could jeopardize their continued ownership of it. After arguing with Priscilla, she storms out and heads to a bar. Mary Beth begins drinking with a man named Gorski. Later she is driving him home, but crashes the car when he caresses her leg. When they get out to inspect the damage, the trunk accidentally opens and Mary Beth sees blood inside. Gorski attempts to force himself on her and she flees. When he follows her, she stabs him with a harpoon and then bashes his head in with a brick.Mary Beth returns home covered in blood to a shocked Priscilla, who calls the police, but changes her mind and hangs up. Priscilla helps Mary Beth get rid of Gorski's body, using a knife to chop up his arms to make the body fit in a cooler box that they then throw into the ocean. The next day, Priscilla can't find the knife they used, which has 'Connolly Fish' written on it. Mary Beth goes to Gorski's shack to find the knife, but instead finds a bag containing $50,000. Later, Enid, a brothel owner, sees the Connolly knife in Gorski's shack.Local policeman Brennan asks to borrow the Connolly's boat, indicating that a body has washed up on shore. Priscilla is terrified that it is Gorski but it turns out be a woman named Dee, who worked for Enid. Brennan and his older partner Colletti interview Enid, who tries to steer them away from the brothel. Brennan finds her suspicious, but is warned off by Colletti, who has known Enid for years. Priscilla and Mary Beth talk to Doreen who reveals that years ago she, Susie, Gail, and their mother had made a decision: to satisfy the lusts of the fishermen, and protect their own daughters, they allowed Enid to open the Oceanview brothel.Brennan and Coletti find Gorski's car, which has a gun inside, and blood and a terrible smell in the trunk. The officers are sure that Gorski must be the murderer. Meanwhile, Alexis, one of Enid's working girls, knowing Enid owed Dee money, believes Enid had her killed. Enid blackmails the Connolly sisters to bring back the money they took from Gorski's shack in exchange for the knife she found there. The sisters decide to confess everything to the police the following day. That night, Officer Brennan, who is attracted to Priscilla, comes over for dinner and asks them about the call made to the police the night of the murder. They change their mind about confessing. Gail, Susie, and Doreen go to confront Enid. Telling her that she has crossed a line, they inform her that they will no longer allow her to operate the brothel and that she should leave town. Brennan has drinks with a friend and learns that Mary Beth had been seen with Gorski the night he disappeared.The Connolly sisters go to Enid and return the money. She tells them how much she misses their mother and how their mother left the brothel business to protect the two of them. She offers them some of the money and tells them that they could work for her after it runs out. When they refuse the money, Enid turns angry, calling them names before drunkenly collapsing. The girls get the knife and leave. Alexis, having overheard the whole thing, enters Enid's room and smothers her to death with a pillow. She takes the money and leaves town with one of the other girls from the brothel. Doreen notices something in the water.Gail comes to see Coletti about Oceanview. The next morning he informs Brennan that they're going to close down Oceanview. They see Priscilla and Mary Beth walking down the street, but Brennan says he isn't interested in Priscilla anymore. The sisters pass by Gail and Doreen, who are singing "Blow the Man Down", and then see Susie washing out the cooler which had contained Gorski's body. Susie smiles at them.(copied from Wikipedia)
Cinematographer: Todd Banhazl
Producer: Drew Houpt , Lucas Joaquin , Lia Buman , Tim Headington , T.J. Watson , Jason Reif , Alex Scharfman , Tatiana Bears , Max Silva , Albert Berger , Ron Yerxa
Production Manager: Tatiana Bears
Art Direction: Danny Walton
Certificates: Australia:M , Brazil:16 , France:16 , Germany:16::(self-applied) , Italy:VM16 , Mexico:16::(self-applied) , Singapore:NC16 , Spain:16 , United Kingdom:15 , United Kingdom:N/C 15+::(festival rating) , United States:R
Composer: Jordan Dykstra , Brian McOmber
Editor: Marc Vives
Editorial Department: Max Allman , Nat Jencks , Ethan Leight , Emily Eddey , Gil Litver , Matt Yaple , Jordan P.H. Stein , Alex Hartley , Anna Kelman
Sound Crew: Don Hoffman , Chris Foster , Leslie Bloome , Jay Fisher , Gideon Jensen , Josh Heilbronner , Laura Cunningham , Matt Rigby , Joanna Fang , Nick Seaman , Zé Frías , Laura Heinzinger , Nora Linde , Marco Augusto Comba , Sean Slaughter , Michael Flannery , John Bowen , Ryan Collison
Visual Effects: Matthew Poliquin , David C. Sales , Grant Miller , Philip McGuire , Gideon Soohwan Hwang , Christopher A. Vazquez , Kymberly Murphy , Claire Typaldos , Brandon Burzawa , Ashley Nizich , David Lebensfeld
Music Department: Joni Amelia Fuller , Jordan Dykstra , Annie Pearlman , Brian McOmber , Michael Pestel , Melissa Chapman , Thollem McDonas , Malcolm Parson , David Yousefi
Miscellaneous Crew: Jennifer Semler , Kate Wilson , Ashley Christopher Leach , Holly Popowski , Danielle Mandel , Daniel Sweren-Becker , Kohli Calhoun , Alvin Lee Anez , Barbara Barton , Zachary Stein , E.C. Gregg , Rebecca Myshrall , Bruno Vernaschi-Berman , William Plausse , Kwae Rogers , Tim Bongiovanni , Mazie Biswell , Kevin Perez
Other Companies: ARRI Rental , , GreenSlate , The Clearance Lab , Toronto International Film Festival , Tribeca Film Festival
Costume Designer: Brooke Bennett
Make Up: Tywan Williams , Stacey Hummell , Isata Allen , Luc Verschueren , Ralph Lambiase , Toby Sells
Assistant Director: Kat Hess , Maggie Ambrose , Howie Jones , Laura Klein
Art Department: Bridget Rafferty , Daniel Regenstreif Axe , Dainius Bukauskas
Camera and Electrical Department: Nicholas Huynh , Benjamin Logan , Chris Falkowski , Jeff Griecci , Cody Schrock , Josh Hensley , Tadin Brego , Tayarisha Poe , Maxwell Gately , Troy Dobbertin , Adam Mantell , Jeong Park , Spencer Forgham-Thrift , Kenneth Kildee , Matt Keyser , Kalle Bailey , Jake Westphal
Set Decoration: Katie Lobel
Costume Department: Karla Santos , Joy Seaboch
Production Design: Jasmine Ballou Jones
Special Effects: Ralph Lambiase , Toby Sells
Videos: Video 1 , Video 2
Script Department: Michael Kefeyalew
Stunt Performer: Eliza Coleman , Jennifer Lamb
Location Management: Clark Shepard
Seasons: Jessica Kelly , Rebecca Dealy
Casting Department: Milla Bell-Hart , Dalton Slade Kimball , Rebecca Birstock
Special Effects Companies: Ingenuity Studios