Between the Lines

Between the Lines

Director: Brandon Curless

Year: 2015

Plot: An army captain in the midst of a war is sent home because immigration issues arise challenging his citizenship, only to find himself protecting his family in lieu of his country.
Original Title: Between the Lines
Director: Brandon Curless
Writer: Brandon Curless
Producer: Brandon Curless
Type: movie
Year: 2015
Genres: Short, Drama, War
Cast: Evan King , Anthony Hernandez , Mario Wanza , Cara Cochran , Chad Thackston , Brandon Curless , Ricky Martinez , Robert Cornealison , Wallace Jones , Alex Hemleb , James Brown
Runtimes: 35
Countries: United States
Color Info: Color::(HD)
Akas: Between The Lines
Production Companies: Echo Pictures
Synopsis: A patriotic Army General named Thomas, in the midst of a war taking place in the 1940s, gets discharged and sent home after immigration issues arise challenging his citizenship. Dealing with his loss of purpose that he struggles to hide from his wife Audrey, and son Johnny, Thomas slowly realizes, as radio news reports of the enemy location get nearer to his home, there might be a purpose in his misfortune after all.
Cinematographer: Noah Mortel , Hugo Pérez
Producer: Brandon Curless
Composer: Joel Irwin
Editor: Lawrence McGaffie II , Hugo Pérez
Sound Crew: Joey Cantu , Evi Sno , Westin Womack , Kevin Aquino
Visual Effects: Inigo Laugermann
Miscellaneous Crew: Cara Cochran , Serae Halliburton
Costume Designer: Crystal Rodriguez
Make Up: Crystal Rodriguez
Assistant Director: Lea M. Jones
Costume Department: Crystalpearl Rodriguez , Serae Halliburton
Special Effects: Inigo Laugermann
Script Department: Gerald Hanks , Lea M. Jones
Stunt Performer: Mark Jones