Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors

Director: Joseph A. Golden

Year: 1916

Plot: Inez Valenti is the niece of Grant Thorne, who runs a gambling house. She acts as a lure for her uncle's den. Barry King becomes infatuated with her, and this gives her a violent aversion to the life she has been living "behind closed doors." Elsa Montford, daughter of the Judge, is saddened by King's attentions to Inez. Thorne also becomes jealous of King. They fight in the gambling house; Thorne is shot, and King throwing the pistol away, runs, but is caught. Elsa has seen the affair and tells her father who takes her to the police station, where she identifies Barry among the other prisoners. Inez is in despair when she learns that there was a witness to the affair whom the State has in charge, and refuses to leave the city while he is in danger. She sends for Elsa, and tries to bribe her to keep silent, but on refusal offers her a glass of wine which has been drugged, but Elsa breaks the glass and escapes. Inez tries to get Barry to jump his bail, but Elsa pleads with him to stay and fight it out. He agrees and writes to Inez telling her he loves Elsa. Inez, in despair, writes out a full confession of her life, and declares that she and not Barry killed Thorne, Barry having kept silent as to having taken the pistol from her in order to avoid incriminating her. Elsa reads the confession. When she has finished she phones to the district attorney and together they go to Inez's room where they find her a suicide.—Moving Picture World synopsis
Original Title: Behind Closed Doors
Director: Joseph A. Golden
Writer: Eve Unsell
Type: movie
Year: 1916
Genres: Drama
Cast: William Huntington , Marie Empress , Marian Swayne , Wright Huntington , Regan Hughston , Paul Irving , Fred Radcliffe , Frank Lee , Thomas F. Tracey
Runtimes: 50
Countries: United States
Languages: None , English
Color Info: Black and White
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Silent
Original Air Date: 10 Jan 1916 (USA)
Akas: Love's Crossroads (United States) , Love's Crossed Trail (United States) , The Guilty Woman (United States)
Production Companies: Triumph Films
Distributors: Equitable Motion Pictures Corporation , World Film , Aywon Film