Beginning of the End

Beginning of the End

Director: David Straiton

Year: 2014

Season: 1, Episode: 22

Episodes: 136

Plot: Dark secrets are revealed as Coulson and his team put everything on the line to stop Garrett and the forces of HYDRA.
Original Title: Beginning of the End
Director: David Straiton
Writer: Maurissa Tancharoen , Jed Whedon , Stan Lee , Jack Kirby , Joss Whedon
Producer: Paul Zbyszewski , Monica Owusu-Breen , Maurissa Tancharoen , Jed Whedon , Rafe Judkins , Alan Fine , Lauren LeFranc , Shalisha Francis , Jeffrey Bell , Garry A. Brown , Brent Fletcher , Stan Lee , Jeph Loeb , Joe Quesada , Samantha Thomas , Joss Whedon
Type: episode
Year: 2014
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Cast: Jeffrey Muller , Ruth Negga , B.J. Britt , Nicole J. Butler , Shannon Garnett , Cynthia Rose Hall , Brett Dalton , Chloe Bennet , Asif Ali , Elizabeth Henstridge , Ajani Wrighster , Clark Gregg , Ming-Na Wen , Iain De Caestecker , Bill Paxton , J. August Richards , David Conrad , Glenn Morshower , Josh Daugherty , Samuel L. Jackson , Patton Oswalt , Mark Berry , Kyla Garcia
Runtimes: 44
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 HD
Sound Mix: Stereo
Original Air Date: 13 May 2014
Rating: 9.0
Votes: 4724
Year: 2014
Akas: Beginning of the End (United States)
Production Companies: Mutant Enemy , ABC Signature , Marvel Television , Disney-ABC Television Group , Marvel Entertainment
Distributors: American Broadcasting Company (ABC) , CTV Television Network , Channel 4 Television Corporation , Fox , Kanal 5 , Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ) , Seven Network , TVP , Veronica , Viasat3
Synopsis: Newly employed Jesse Fletcher is touring the Cybertek facility in New Mexico when Kyle Zeller, notices Phil Coulson's team's incursion into the Barbershop Headquarters. Both Zeller and Fletcher had been recruited through HYDRA's incentive program, which involves the kidnapping of family members and using them to forced labor. He issues orders to the Centipede Soldiers through their eye implants, but the team is able to activate Skye's Trojan, while Melinda May uses the Berserker Staff to demolish the building and cause it collapsing on the soldiers.Later, at the facility, Ian Quinn begins his presentation of the factory to the United States Armed Forces representatives, but is interrupted by John Garrett, who begins to show signs of insanity, killing Jacobs. Coulson, Antoine Triplett, May, and Skye conduct an attack on the Cybertek facility, with Skye going to save Ace Peterson, May fighting Grant Ward, and Coulson going after Garrett. During the attack, Quinn and Raina steal the Gravitonium and depart, having no real loyalty to HYDRA.Meanwhile, at the bottom of the ocean, Leo Fitz discovers a way to save Jemma Simmons from the chamber, believing it would cost him his own life. Simmons is able to drag him to the surface, where they are rescued by Nick Fury. Simmons survives, though Fitz is left in a dire state.Coulson engages Garrett but was quickly overwhelmed until Fury arrives for support. Fury provides Coulson with the Destroyer Armor Prototype Gun, with Coulson remarking "I know what it does", after having used it without knowing its purpose against Loki. Coulson and Fury push Garrett back, with Deathlok delivering a supposedly fatal blow once he learns Skye had saved his son. The US Army invades the factory and all the Centipede-enhanced soldiers are defeated and taken into custody.However, the badly wounded Garrett attempts to transform himself into a new Deathlok, only for Coulson to vaporize him a mere moment later with the 0-8-4 from Peru. In the aftermath, Ward, severely injured from May, and the Centipede soldiers are arrested, and Ace is reunited with his aunt.Mike Peterson, unable to face his son, goes off on his own to redeem himself. Fury appoints Coulson as the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., asking him to rebuild it the right way and giving him the Toolbox. This leads Coulson and his team to a secret base run by Billy Koenig, Eric Koenig's a twin brother.Raina delivers a photo of Skye to a mysterious, blood-soaked man, telling him "I found your daughter."Later, Coulson awakes in the middle of the night and begins exhibiting signs of the same strange mental behavior that Garrett had exhibited, rewriting the same symbols Garrett wrote.
Cinematographer: Feliks Parnell
Producer: Paul Zbyszewski , Monica Owusu-Breen , Maurissa Tancharoen , Jed Whedon , Rafe Judkins , Alan Fine , Lauren LeFranc , Shalisha Francis , Jeffrey Bell , Garry A. Brown , Brent Fletcher , Stan Lee , Jeph Loeb , Joe Quesada , Samantha Thomas , Joss Whedon
Certificates: Brazil:12 , Canada:TV-14 , Finland:K-12/9 , Germany:12 , Netherlands:12 , United Kingdom:12A , United Kingdom:12 , United States:TV-PG
Composer: Bear McCreary
Editor: David Crabtree
Editorial Department: Larry Field , Ryan R. Moos , Joshua Alan Baca , Daniel Spilatro
Sound Crew: Ronald Hairston Jr. , Sam C. Lewis , Greg Krueger , Miriam Cole , Stefani Feldman , Matthew Manselle , Alex Knickerbocker , Kelly Vockel-Gaya , Brian Straub , David Chornow , Daniel Colman , Kenn Fuller , Richard Partlow , Thomas A. Payne , Greg Crawford
Visual Effects: Josh Miyaji , Mitch Gates , Erik Bruhwiler , Joseph Bell , Sabrina Arnold , Paul Runyan , Adam Coggin , Sitha San , Chris Olivas , Ignacio Garcerón , Ahmed Hassan , Amol Parulekar , Julia Jordanova , Brittani Freeman-Rein , Jamie Yu , Charley Carlat , Matt Hillyer , Chelsea Goodchild , Edward Paul Yu , Mark A.J. Nazal , Kevin Yuille , Andrey Drogobetski , Mark A. Davis , Matthew Massarella , Divya Gupta , Nate Jess , Ryan Lathey , Jonathan McClintic , Christopher Fellers , Eric M. Beaver , Scott Dougherty , Mark Kolpack , Tracy Takahashi , Matt von Brock , Kevin Lingenfelser
Music Department: Steve Kaplan , Raya Yarbrough , Edward Trybek , Henri Wilkinson , Dylan S. Hart , Jonathan Beard , Michael Beach , Melyssa Hardwick , Jonathan Ortega , Laurence Schwarz , Jessica Rae Huber , Ryan Sanchez , Omer Ben-Zvi , Melissa Axel , Sam Ewing , Alex Ruger , Can Bolat , David Matics , Bear McCreary , Peter Rotter , Malcolm McNab , James Thatcher
Miscellaneous Crew: Jeannette Flores Harshbarger , Rudy Coblentz Jr. , George Kitson , Andrew Yeager , Mitul Patel , Paul Alary , Christian Malouf , Tristan Ringenoldus , Adam Haracz , Susan Iskiwitch , Joel Thingvall , James Chestnut , Iden Baghdadchi , Brett Llewellyn , Lee Philip Malin , Eric Lennon , Kendra Frank , Matthew Slatoff , Joel Burnham , Stephen Vitale , Michelle Kamme , Arianna Mattson , Barbara Gutman
Other Companies: GOPOGO , Sabron Payroll Services
Costume Designer: Ann Foley
Make Up: James Servera Jr. , Jackie Dobbie , Jonathan Gording , Cynthia Hernandez , Cheri Montesanto , Laverne Munroe , Kevin Westmore , Scott Williams
Assistant Director: Keith Potter , Thomas Boucher , Katie Carroll , Denise Anderson Poore
Art Department: Lanie Mimikakis , John B. Vertrees , M. Marcos Gonzalez , Jill Blackledge , Allen Coulter , Patrick Beals , Scott Bauer , China Fox , Geoffrey Mandel
Camera and Electrical Department: Kyle Jewell , Chris Lindsay , Sean Haeseler , Scott M. Leonard , Richard W. Botchlet , Ryan DeGrazzio , Benjamin Kilmer , Josh Novak , Josh Larsen , Derek Hackett , Chris Lindsay , Joseph Teague , Gilbert Anthony Nevarez , Michael J. Salamone , Marc Christie , John K. Farr , Steven J. Kovalesky , David Levich , Kelsey Shaw McNeal , Rob Nelson , Le Richardson , Tracy Tucker , Allan Westbrook , Troy White , David Youel , Greg Fausak
Set Decoration: Emmanuelle Hoessly
Costume Department: Daniel Fortin , Phillip Boutte Jr. , Corey Deist , Anna Seltzer , Michael Cohen , Jessica Fasman , Radford Polinsky
Production Design: Gregory S. Melton
Special Effects: Darrell Burgess , David J. Barker , Blair Foord , Burk Sauls
Script Department: Lindsay Cohen , Lisa McNeil
Stunt Performer: Matt Mullins , Zac Henry , Derek Graf , Lateef Crowder , Casey Adams , Craig Henningsen , Justin Gant , Terrence Julien , Samantha Win , Collin Hymes , Mike Serlin , Szilvia Gogh , Greg Rementer , Hannah Betts , Keith Adams , Nick Brett , Joe Bucaro III , Dane Farwell , Tanner Gill , Tom McComas , Dustin Meier , Jimmy N. Roberts , Michael Washlake , Winston West
Location Management: Donovan Terranova , Arthur Edmonds III , Allison Cox , Rick Surad , Justin W. Hill
Number of Seasons: Michael Avallon , Rock LeRoy , Brett Round
Casting Department: John Villacorta , Jeremy Lambert , Claire Koonce , Rob Swanson
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Number of Episodes: 136
Episode of: Beginning of the End
Special Effects Companies: Furious FX