Battlefield Earth (2000)


Battlefield Earth (2000)


Year: 2018

Season: 1, Episode: 51

Episodes: 102

Plot: It's the One Year Anniversary of THAT MOVIE SHOW, and after two weeks of social media polls, the audience has spoken. Mike Wendt and Liam Stryker will be taking a look back at the disaster that was, Battlefield Earth. -- BATTLEFIELD EARTH (2000) -- In the year 3000, there are no countries, no cities - Earth is a wasteland. And man is an endangered species. As the leader of the evil Psychlos, Terl and his race have taken over the world's natural resources and disregarded everyone and everything else. It's up to Jonnie "Goodboy" Tyler, a brave human, to battle the Psychlos and restore normalcy to the world.—That Movie Show
Original Title: Battlefield Earth (2000)
Writer: Mike Wendt , Eddie McCabe
Producer: Bill Neville
Type: episode
Year: 2018
Genres: Comedy, Talk-Show
Cast: Mike Wendt , Bill Neville , Eddie McCabe
Original Air Date: 12 Nov 2018
Production Companies: 56 Ridge Productions , Mike Wendt Entertainment
Distributors: Mike Wendt Entertainment , New Age Insiders Entertainment
Producer: Bill Neville
Season: 1
Episode: 51
Number of Episodes: 102
Episode of: Battlefield Earth (2000)