Bathroom Week


Bathroom Week


Year: 2021

Season: 17, Episode: 6

Episodes: 868

Plot: The contestants and judges don't see eye to eye when the teams check out each other's rooms.
Original Title: Bathroom Week
Type: episode
Year: 2021
Genres: Game-Show, Reality-TV
Cast: Shelley Craft , Dan Reilly , Georgia Caceres , Ronnie Caceres , Keith Schleiger , Mitch Edwards , Mark McKie , Josh Packham , Luke Packham , Vito Guccione , Tanya Guccione , Kirsty Lee Akers , Jesse Anderson , Scott Cam
Runtimes: 54
Countries: Australia
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1080i (HDTV)
Sound Mix: Stereo , Dolby Digital::(5.1)
Original Air Date: 16 Aug 2021
Akas: Bathroom Week (Australia)
Production Companies: Cavalier Productions
Distributors: 9Now , National Nine Network
Certificates: Australia:PG
Sound Crew: Luke Armstrong
Season: 17
Episode: 6
Number of Episodes: 868
Episode of: Bathroom Week