Ball Hogs/My Uncle the Clown

Ball Hogs/My Uncle the Clown


Year: 2017

Season: 1, Episode: 15

Episodes: 50

Plot: Chumpkins' cousin comes to town to play in a big soccer game, and he wants Chumpkins to play, too! P. King's Uncle Popiah the Clown comes to visit Hilly Hole, but he's not his usual self.
Original Title: Ball Hogs/My Uncle the Clown
Writer: Dylan Brody , Ross Wade
Producer: Nicole Torre
Type: episode
Year: 2017
Genres: Animation, Family
Cast: Darren Dunstan , Valentine Bureau , Bryan Fenkart , Eli James , Melanie Ehrlich , Billy Bob Thompson , Tyler Milliron , Marie-Christine Katz , Lianna Nielsen , Koda Gursoy , Alexandra Eden , Courtney Shaw , Thaddeus Fitzpatrick , Jordan O'Brien , Rivki Bench , Benjie Randall , Michael Henning , Marc Thompson
Runtimes: 21
Original Air Date: 09 Jan 2017
Production Companies: Little Airplane Productions
Producer: Nicole Torre
Certificates: United States:TV-Y
Composer: Sam Retzer , Jordan Cox
Sound Crew: Chris Camilleri , Fahad Rahman
Music Department: Chris Camilleri
Miscellaneous Crew: Fahad Rahman
Art Department: Dan Pinto
Seasons: Nicole Torre
Season: 1
Episode: 15
Number of Episodes: 50
Episode of: Ball Hogs/My Uncle the Clown