Baed El Shar

Baed El Shar

Director: Ahmed Abdelwahab

Year: 2023

Plot: Sully, who runs away from his wife, Farah, finds himself stuck in a romantic relationship with Maryam. He is unable to marry her because of a magic spell, so he goes into many comedic situations with his close friend Meshmesh.
Original Title: Baed El Shar
Director: Ahmed Abdelwahab
Writer: Amin Gamal , Walid Aboulmagd
Producer: Ahmad El Sobky
Type: movie
Year: 2023
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Nihal Anber , Suliman Eid , Alaa Morsy , Bayoumi Fouad , Malak Koura , Ali Rabi , Mohamed Anwar , Mostafa Baseet , Mohamed Osama , Mahmoud El Lethy , Abdulbaset Hamouda , Olfat Omar , Rana Raeis , Myrna Noureldin , Amr Abdulgalil
Runtimes: 100
Countries: Egypt
Languages: Arabic
Color Info: Color
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Original Air Date: 20 Apr 2023 (United Arab Emirates)
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 135
Year: 2023
Akas: Baed El Shar (Egypt)
Production Companies: El Sobky Production , ElSobky Film
Distributors: El Sobky Production
Producer: Ahmad El Sobky
Certificates: Bahrain:15+ , Egypt:G , Kuwait:T13+ , Saudi Arabia:R15 , United Arab Emirates:15+
Editorial Department: Muhammed Ibrahim Barakat
Videos: Video 1