Director: Milad Bessada

Year: 1976

Season: 1, Episode: 1

Episodes: 78

Original Title: Backstage
Director: Milad Bessada
Writer: Bernard Sahlins , Harold Ramis , John Candy , Eugene Levy , Joe Flaherty , Sheldon Patinkin , Dave Thomas , Andrew Alexander , Del Close
Producer: Bernard Sahlins , Beverley Bowen , Andrew Alexander , Milad Bessada , Joe Flaherty , Sheldon Patinkin , Harold Ramis , Jack E. Rhodes
Type: episode
Year: 1976
Genres: Comedy
Cast: John Candy , Eugene Levy , Andrea Martin , Joe Flaherty , Catherine O'Hara , Harold Ramis , Dave Thomas , Monica Parker
Original Air Date: 21 Sep 1976
Rating: 7.8
Votes: 86
Year: 1976
Production Companies: Old Firehall Productions , Second City Entertainment
Synopsis: The inaugural (pilot) show introduces several major characters of the SCTV Network TV studio in Mellonville who would be the backbone of the series. These include Johnny LaRue, wheelchair-bound Earl Camembert, Floyd Robertson and Moe Green. Featured is a somewhat primitive wraparound concept dealing with Johnny LaRue. The Sunrise Semester Show would end up appearing in every season except the the last.Segment 1: Commercial for Lasermatic Flash Camera Attachment Turns night into daySegment 2: Sunrise Semester: Bookkeeping with Moe Green Tips on keeping books, and a bit of anti-capitalist rantingSegment 3: Promo: Unnecessary Surgeon / Malpractice Lawyer When little problems demand extreme solutions, it's Unnecessary Surgeon. And then, defending helpless doctors against greedy patients, it's Malpractice Lawyer. Back to Back!Segment 4: The Johnny LaRue Exercise Show LaRue crushes rumors about his being gay. Routines include the head roll, jogging on the spot, working out with the fridge door and eating a sandwichSegment 5: SCTV A.M. News Today: Big News / Little News Floyd has some big news items. Earl has some little local news items. Frustrated, he makes up a big item of his own.Segment 6: Commercial: Evelyn Woods Speed Talking School Don't waste time communicatingSegment 7: Backstage Real life stories of the exciting people who make television. Johnny's ratings are down, his show is canceled, and his accountant Moe informs him he only has 14 cents. And, he can't get it up. Filled with self-loathing, he goes for help.Segment 8: Public Service Announcement: Stop Those Depressing Ads A plea to stop depressing adsSegment 9: Masterpiece Theatre: The Girls of Vienna Alistair Cook introduces this week's Freudian drama, by Ibsen: "The Girls of Vienna Part XII--Betty Freud." This is a drama about Sigmund Freud's wife, Betty. Her friend George is interrupted by Johnny LaRue looking for help. Johnny goes on a rampage.Segment 10: SCTV P.M. News: Big News / Little News continued Robertson interrupts Earl's item with news of Johnny LaRue's rampage, possibly the biggest disaster in entertainment historySegment 11: Words To Live By: Joni Newton Buffy We are all one.... and that sort of cosmic thing
Producer: Bernard Sahlins , Beverley Bowen , Andrew Alexander , Milad Bessada , Joe Flaherty , Sheldon Patinkin , Harold Ramis , Jack E. Rhodes
Certificates: United States:TV-PG
Editor: Ken McIlroy , Sheldon Patinkin
Sound Crew: John Darrock
Miscellaneous Crew: Rosanne Ironstone , Moe Green , Peter Brewster , Terry Lewis , Terry Graves
Other Companies: In The Sunrise
Make Up: Barbara Palmer , Robert Palmer
Assistant Director: Jim Borecki
Art Department: Charles Dunlop
Camera and Electrical Department: John Whyle , Ted Hart , Tom Swartz , Richard Gundersen , T.J. Molyneaux , William D. Healy , Dave McKay
Costume Department: Linda Matheson
Script Department: Rosanne Ironstone
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Number of Episodes: 78
Episode of: Backstage