Director: Victoria Foyt , Henry Jaglom

Year: 1994

Plot: Gena is an average woman who is torn between her current boyfriend's desire to marry her and start a family, and the unexpected arrival of an old boyfriend wanting to pick up where they left off. To further complicate matters, she might be pregnant herself. In the mist of this unsettled personal life, Gena leaves her two men to attend a baby shower party for a girl friend and talks with the various female attendees all of whom are facing their own ticking biological clocks.—Anonymous
Original Title: Babyfever
Director: Victoria Foyt , Henry Jaglom
Writer: Victoria Foyt , Henry Jaglom
Producer: Bonnie Beauregard , Judith Wolinsky
Type: movie
Year: 1994
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Cast: Sherri Rosen , Victoria Foyt , Matt Salinger , Frances Fisher , Eric Roberts , Dinah Lenney , Elaine Kagan , Zack Norman , Jacki Moen , Eliza Roberts , Charlayne Woodard , Irene Cagen , Cindy Friedl , Jane Lancellotti , Deborah Skelly , Tracy Brooks Swope , Robin Curtis , Molly Secours , Janis Flax , Claire Perelman , Felecia M. Bell , Denise Osso , Claire Varney , Linda DeMetrick , Lynnda Ferguson , Kathleen Kane , Janet Howard , Alex Kathehakis , Pamela Wick , Susan R. Rodgers , Sally Spencer , Jane Birnbaum , Kathryn Saionz , Pamela Azar
Runtimes: 109
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Sound Mix: Mono
Original Air Date: 04 May 1994 (USA)
Rating: 5.5
Votes: 164
Year: 1994
Akas: Детская лихорадка (Russia) , Chcę mieć dziecko (Poland)
Production Companies: Jagtoria Films , The Rainbow Film Company
Distributors: Ciné Classic
Cinematographer: Hanania Baer
Producer: Bonnie Beauregard , Judith Wolinsky
Production Manager: Janice Doskey
Certificates: France:Tous publics , United States:R
Editor: Henry Jaglom
Editorial Department: Anna Stein , Tricia Fass , Diane Jackson , Sharon McGeeney
Sound Crew: Gary Grossman , Sunny Meyer
Miscellaneous Crew: Elicia Laport , Nancy Laemmle , Barbara Berkowitz , Dan Bartels , Adam Puga , Michael Ballinger
Costume Designer: Pat Tonnema
Make Up: Bridgett Ballou , Peggy Hannaman
Art Department: Ted Beauregard
Camera and Electrical Department: Kurt Brabbee , Dan Elsasser , Paul Ferrara , Andrew Giannetta , William K. Koski , Susan Lanier , Gary Leonard , David McMillan , John Joseph Minardi , Kevin Mulvey , Vince Onken , Elan Yaari
Costume Department: Marianne Meyerhoff , Pat Tonnema
Production Design: Susan Block
Videos: Video 1