At the End of Daybreak

At the End of Daybreak

Director: Yuhang Ho

Year: 2009

Plot: A 23-year-old man looking to escape the burden of his alcoholic mother strikes up an illicit online relationship with a 15-year-old schoolgirl.
Original Title: Sham moh
Director: Yuhang Ho
Writer: Yuhang Ho
Producer: Lorna Tee , Chen On Chu , Yen San Michelle Lo
Type: movie
Year: 2009
Genres: Drama
Cast: Tien You Chui , Yasmin Ahmad , Azman Hassan , Meng Hui Ng , Kara Wai , Hassan Muthalib
Runtimes: 94
Countries: South Korea , Malaysia , Hong Kong
Languages: Mandarin
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Original Air Date: 05 Nov 2009 (Hong Kong)
Rating: 6.0
Votes: 317
Year: 2009
Akas: 心魔 (Malaysia, Mandarin title) , 心魔 (Hong Kong, Cantonese title) , At the End of Daybreak (World-wide, English title) , 心魔 (China, Mandarin title) , Στο τέλος της αυγής (Greece)
Production Companies: M&FC , October Pictures , Paperheart
Distributors: Golden Scene
Synopsis: After a young man's sexual relationship with an under-age teen whom he met  on  the  internet  is  exposed,  a  storm  of  controversy  is  followed  by murderous consequences.  Malaysian  filmmaker Ho Yuhang seeks  to go beyond  the  surface of  this  type of  incident, which happens  in every  city, and to explore the core of the problem, including failing filial values, a rigid education system and  tabloid  journalism. After  the success of Rain Dogs (2006) at Venice, Toronto, Nantes, and other festivals, Ho will once again team  up with  producer  Lorna Tee  for At  the End  of Daybreak,  a  chilling social tragedy near the point of explosion. Tuck Chai, a man  in his 20s, meets Ying, a high school girl,  through  the internet. Their  sexual  relationship,  however,  is  soon  discovered  by  the under-aged girl's parents who threaten to press charges against the man. According to the law, sex with a minor constitutes rape. The man's mother negotiates with  the  girl's  parents,  however,  and  reaches  a monetary settlement instead. Yet, after the mother has successfully raised the cash, the girl's parents still  insist on suing him. The man,  fearing an  impending jail sentence, secretly asks the girl out to try to convince her. By this time, though,  only  fear,  frustration,  anger,  hatred,  and  distrust  exist  between them. Matters begin to spiral down to a tragic denouement. 
Cinematographer: Gay Hian Teoh
Producer: Lorna Tee , Chen On Chu , Yen San Michelle Lo
Certificates: Hong Kong:IIB , Singapore:NC-16 , Singapore:PG
Composer: Pete Teo
Editor: Mindy Wong
Editorial Department: A Samad Hassan
Sound Crew: Duu-Chih Tu
Miscellaneous Crew: Kyung Hyun Kim , Marie-France Dupagne , Gudrun Burie , Sharyn Yau , Barbara Van Lombeek
Other Companies: 3H Sound Studio Ltd. , Cinerent , Korean Film Council , Monsoon Pictures
Assistant Director: Charlotte Lim
Production Design: Siong-king Gan
Stunt Performer: Adam Chung-Tai Chan