Apple Tree House
tv series

Apple Tree House


Year: 2017

Seasons: 3

Plot: Mali is an ordinary boy, with an ordinary family who have just moved into the extraordinary inner-city world of the Apple Tree House estate and on his arrival in his new home Mali is introduced to a special new friend Sam. Together Mali and Sam provide a uniquely innocent perspective on the real world as they solve daily problems and overcome childhood dilemmas, all within the safety net of their loving families and the inspirational Apple Tree community that surrounds them.—Maria Timotheou
Original Title: Apple Tree House
Writer: Akindele Akinsiku , Mediah Ahmed
Type: tv series
Year: 2017
Genres: Family
Cast: Giles New , Alicia Charles , Lisa Davina Phillip , Paul Sandys , Margo Cargill , Sarah Sharman , Marie McGonigle , Esh Alladi , Afia Abusham , Andrea Hall , Larisa Faber , Georgia Hughes , Scott Hunt , Eden Gough , Yunus Bannister , Aamir Tai , Miranda Sarfo Peprah , Summer Jenkins , Yasmeen Khan , Rachael Hart , Matilda Daniels , Sonny Envers , Lenny Rush , Josselyn Ospina-Escobar , Aaliyah Wallace , Leah Hamdoun , Luke Amis , Isabelle Lewis , Holly Giles , Sahana Rameswaran-Kangesan , Craig Bradley , Tyler Howitt , Serena Dhanak , Maya Bogdanel , Rosie O'Sullivan , Jaden Sidhu , William Vanderpuye , Shaheen Khan , Alison Lintott , Saikat Ahamed , John Atterbury , Anthony Hunt , Souad Faress , Emma D'Inverno , Ian Hurley
Runtimes: 15
Countries: United Kingdom
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Rating: 6.8
Votes: 39
Year: 2017
Akas: Dom pod jabłonką (Poland)
Production Companies: 5 Apples , Five Apples , Unanico
Certificates: Poland:7::(self-applied)
Other Companies: Ray Knight Casting
Number of Seasons: 3
Series Years: 2017-