And Then, Violence

And Then, Violence

Director: Jordan Goldnadel

Year: 2016

Plot: Rebecca, 22, is a secular Jewish Parisian Law student. After the recent terror attacks of January, which hit the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, a French Police officer and clients of a Kosher supermarket in the French Capital, she tries to reconnect with Jonathan, 23, her Jewish ex-boyfriend, who's a bit more religious than her, and who's just moved back to Paris after studying in the US. Their daily lives are constantly interrupted by the violence and the ambient anti-Semitism, which have infiltrated French society over the past few years. Stuck in between their fear, living as Jews in France, their will to leave for a safer place, and their strong ties to a country they have so dearly loved for generations, Rebecca, Jonathan and their families wonder what happened to the French Republic, once a symbol of freedom, equality and fraternity; now a broken system where communities curl up on themselves, allowing violence and hate to resurface. For the first time in its History, France has had to resort to protecting Jewish schools and Synagogues with the armed soldiers. What happened to the fraternity French people showcased to the World, after the attacks, in the largest demonstration since the liberation of Paris in 1944? Rebecca and her family once felt French first, but it seems that they are constantly reminded of their Jewish identity. An inner struggle is taking place within French society and throughout Europe, painfully reopening scars of World War II.
Original Title: And Then, Violence
Director: Jordan Goldnadel
Writer: Jordan Goldnadel , Florence Chouraqui Suissa
Producer: Jordan Goldnadel , Alexandre Malem
Type: movie
Year: 2016
Genres: Short, Drama, Thriller
Cast: Manuel Martin , Mickaël Delis , Delphine Bronzi , Jordan Goldnadel , Lea Dauvergne , Anne Dorothée Lebard , Léa Moszkowicz , Anne-Dorothe Debard , Raffaele Salis , David Bartoli , Lara Fevre , Mickael Delis , Samantha Malem
Runtimes: 15
Countries: France
Languages: French
Color Info: Black and White
Sound Mix: Stereo
Production Companies: The Third Generation
Cinematographer: Jean Sotelo
Producer: Jordan Goldnadel , Alexandre Malem
Production Manager: Astrid Bordeloup Hauschild , Boran Yavuzes
Composer: Amit Poznansky
Editor: Marsha Bramwell , Jordan Goldnadel
Editorial Department: Yoav Raz
Sound Crew: Nin Hazan , Alban Lejeune
Visual Effects: Yoav Raz
Miscellaneous Crew: Amit Gilboa
Costume Designer: Nathalie Aquino
Make Up: Lola Gautier
Assistant Director: Baladine Ardant Conversi
Art Department: Marie Morsillo
Camera and Electrical Department: Julien Laurent , Franklin Burger , Victory Mulliez , Alexandre Geffrelot
Costume Department: Nathalie Aquino
Production Design: Marie Morsillo
Script Department: Charlotte Karas
Seasons: Charlotte Karas