And the Winner Is...

And the Winner Is...

Director: Christina Grozik

Year: 2009

Plot: A film crew is visiting the quaint Midwestern town of Centerville to film a piece about "small town politics". Centerville is an amazing setting with its picture-perfect town square, "ma and pa" restaurants, 15 traffic lights, and friendly faces that say 'hello' as you pass them on the street. Unexpectedly, they encounter an astonishing change in the town's history. The mayor announces that he will not be running for re-election and instead they will elect their next mayor through a beauty pageant style event. Suddenly, Centerville becomes a place buzzing with enthusiasm as citizens embrace the idea, aspiring mayors throw their hats into the ring, and political campaigns are launched in anticipation of the Election Pageant. In the public eye, the candidates are charismatic, engaging, and out to make great change. Behind closed doors, hidden cameras catch temper tantrums, back stabbing, and jockeying for attention as the Election Pageant approaches. The Election Pageant is reminiscent of an "American Idol" show with Jerry Springer as master of ceremonies and the audience armed with electronic voting devices. The candidates boldly fight it out in categories such as "Handshaking", "Photo Op", and "Talent" in front of a live audience. When Jerry announces "and the winner is", things take an even more bizarre turn in this telling story of American politics.—Speakeasy Factory
Original Title: And the Winner Is...
Director: Christina Grozik
Writer: Christina Grozik , Paul Shaia
Producer: Chris Petro II , Christina Grozik , Paul Shaia , Hallie Sheck , Sebastian Twardosz
Type: movie
Year: 2009
Genres: Comedy
Cast: James Renner , Jennifer Enskat , Patrick Lafferty , Mary Faktor , Tiffany Laufer , William C. Laufer , Danny Lentz , Victor Kuehn , Joseph O'Brien , Mark Mazzocco , Christina Grozik , Donna Williams , John Brandt , Jonathan Yurco , Richard Phillis , Van Jackson , Patrick Rigney , Logan Fry , Krista Ream , Kirk Brown , Paul Shaia , Daniel Mears , Justin Zabor , Barry Mottier , Carli Taylor Miluk , Thomas Shaia , Michael DeAloia , Leslie Thompson , Crystal Wilson , Kaleb Singleton , James William Hunter , Maureen Estelle Johnson , Diane Kulak , Connor Hollis , Robin O'Rourke , Jane Darrow , Jocelyn Biddle , Bethany Pugh , Danny Rios , Rachel Winfield , Doug Kusak , Gregg Johnson , Diane Scott , Jayme Palker , Joe McCrystal , Rob Albach , Gary Jochum , Whitney Begue , Jerry Springer , Kevin McClatchy , Don Mitri , Jack Baun , Molly Hagan
Runtimes: 94
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Black and White
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1 (High Definition)
Sound Mix: Dolby::(Dolby 5.1)
Rating: 7.4
Votes: 38
Year: 2009
Production Companies: Speakeasy Factory , Make Me Popular
Distributors: Anthem Pictures
Cinematographer: Michael Carberry , Daniel Carberry , Seth Illif , Adam N. White
Producer: Chris Petro II , Christina Grozik , Paul Shaia , Hallie Sheck , Sebastian Twardosz
Box Office: $300,000 (estimated)
Composer: Michael Seifert , Jason Annis
Editor: Russell O'Bryan
Sound Crew: Jeremy Grody
Visual Effects: Kyle Stanley
Music Department: Paul Shaia , Andy Cook
Miscellaneous Crew: Zakee Ali , Lenore Elizabeth Smith , Danny Dwyer , Emily Messina , Hallie Sheck
Thanks: David Rumble , Lee Tasseff , Miriam Bennett , Jeff Kolodny , George Ketvertis , Todd Schrader , Marsha Collett , Brad Petragala , Jeffrey Cain , Annamarie Fernyak , Pamela Cottam , Tara Harkcom , Michael DeAloia , Blair Whidden , Brett Marx , Kim Aubry , Mark Hentemann , Gregory J. Lanesey , Hal Sparks
Animation Department: Kyle Stanley
Make Up: Debbie Banyasz , Lisa Adams
Assistant Director: Tiffany Laufer , Jeremy Paul
Art Department: Jessica Roach
Camera and Electrical Department: Michael Wendt , Janet Macoska , Jamie Janos , Alex Esber
Costume Department: Kim Andrews
Production Design: Donna Williams
Script Department: Barry Mottier
Location Management: Ryan Finn
Seasons: Christina Grozik , Paul Shaia
Casting Department: Krista Ream , Becky Woodward