Amid Splinters of the Thunderbolt


Amid Splinters of the Thunderbolt

Director: Marvin J. Chomsky

Year: 1969

Season: 1, Episode: 6

Episodes: 27

Original Title: Amid Splinters of the Thunderbolt
Director: Marvin J. Chomsky
Writer: Denne Bart Petitclerc , Don Ingalls
Producer: Robert H. Justman , Robert Sabaroff
Type: episode
Year: 1969
Genres: Adventure, Drama
Cast: Michael Parks , Bruce Dern , Zohra Lampert , James Doohan
Runtimes: 60
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Mono
Original Air Date: 22 Oct 1969
Rating: 8.2
Votes: 15
Year: 1969
Production Companies: MGM Television
Distributors: National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
Synopsis: - Jim befriends a pregnant girl in a rain storm while looking for a friend in the mountain community, and then he strangely finds him. While dodging and chasing the goats on the road of a hill top farm, Jim stumbles upon a girl named Mary. She is with child and Jim helps her round up the bearded creatures. Later that day the rains come in a torrent of drops. As if in a manger Bucky finds Jim caring for Mary during the rain storm. We learn that Bucky is and old friend of Jims and was a priest in San Francisco but with a clouded view of life; he fled to the seclusion of the mountain stronghold. With a scorn of love for Mary and their unborn child, he is tormented by his lack of faith in himself to realize the reality of life and the misfortunes which come with it. However as the new baby draws near, the reality of the blessing which have been bestowed are then clear and Jim sees a way in which he can continue on his quest for comfort on the long lonesome highway. This episode touched on the morals of the child un-wanted and the religious implications we have in our lives, we either see the light or the sun never shines in our life.
Cinematographer: Lamar Boren
Producer: Robert H. Justman , Robert Sabaroff
Production Manager: Lindsley Parsons Jr.
Music Department: George Duning , Tommy Morgan
Miscellaneous Crew: Leigh French
Assistant Director: Christopher Seitz , Thomas Foulkes
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Number of Episodes: 27
Episode of: Amid Splinters of the Thunderbolt