Director: Peter Stauch

Year: 2015

Season: 43, Episode: 3

Episodes: 459

Plot: In the commune of Mensing (Bavarian Alps) there is a demonstration against the high voltage line that will be soon installed by ME POWER.The mayor Franz Steinhofer arrives and tries to speak with the protesters.Some accused him to be corrupt and to have received a bribery. Franz goes back to his house, where he sees graffiti against him.His spouse left him and he goes on the terrace to erase the graffiti.On the morning his wife finds his corpse.She tells Richard that she went to bed at 9 pm and that her husband often worked very late in the night for the commune..The deputy mayor explains that this project of the high voltage is very good for the commune which needs money for the schools,the kindergarten,etc.For him the leaders of the civic movement against the high voltage line are Adi Rudolfs, the owner of horse-stud and Martin Schober, a carpenter.—zutterjp48
Original Title: Alpenglühen
Director: Peter Stauch
Writer: Mike Viebrock , Enno Reese
Producer: Felix Fichtner , Susanne Porsche
Type: episode
Year: 2015
Genres: Crime, Drama
Cast: Heiko Ruprecht , Anton Algrang , David Zimmerschied , Funda Vanroy , Kyra Sophia Kahre , Mona Pirzad , Jan-Gregor Kremp , Robert Giggenbach , Jens Atzorn , Michael Ande , Franziska Schlattner , Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss , Markus Böttcher , Christina Rainer , Brigitte Karner
Countries: West Germany
Languages: German
Original Air Date: 17 Apr 2015
Rating: 6.2
Votes: 20
Year: 2015
Akas: Alpenglühen (West Germany)
Cinematographer: Henning Jessel
Producer: Felix Fichtner , Susanne Porsche
Production Manager: Rolf Seyfried
Composer: Sebastian Pille , Tobias Hang
Editor: Jan-Timo Sonnemann
Sound Crew: Robert Wittmann , Johannes Rommel
Music Department: Eberhard Schoener
Other Companies: COPRA Dailies System
Costume Designer: Miriam Tümmers
Make Up: Evelyn Necker-Acktun , Gerhard Reitinger
Assistant Director: Ann-Christin Wegner
Camera and Electrical Department: Markus Schindler
Production Design: Albert Jupé
Location Management: Stefan Kistler
Seasons: Gitta Uhlig
Season: 43
Episode: 3
Number of Episodes: 459
Episode of: Alpenglühen