Alieu the Dreamer

Alieu the Dreamer

Director: Quincy Ledbetter

Year: 2020

Plot: In a world where mankind hasn't dreamed for three decades, a driven government agent finds a young man living in the projects who has suddenly started dreaming.
Original Title: Alieu the Dreamer
Director: Quincy Ledbetter
Writer: Quincy Ledbetter
Producer: Yuki Maekawa-Ledbetter , Roger M. Bobb , Angi Bones
Type: movie
Year: 2020
Genres: Drama, Fantasy
Cast: Denzel Whitaker , Mel Fair , Christina Bach , Frank Roberts , Judy Leavell , Jared Wofford , John Crow , Haley Webb , Jeff Pearson , Victor Turner , Art Sunday , Trevor Zhou , Tyerise Foreman , Darnell Kirkwood , Brian Troxell , Kwajalyn Brown , Danielle Dawn , Tyshon Freeman , Maurii Davenport , Cynthia Dieyi , Zach Lane , Mila Harris , Bill Southworth , Hero Hunter , Alzie Williams , Casey Buchannon , Jill Michelle Burchett , Derrick E. Jackson , Chandra Gaines , Rick Hearst , Ric Reitz , Fay Ann Lee , Adam Drescher , Andrew Masset , Sekou Laidlow
Runtimes: 88
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1
Original Air Date: 2020 (USA)
Rating: 5.9
Votes: 87
Year: 2020
Akas: 築夢之人 (Taiwan) , Sonhos Perigosos (Brazil) , Hayalperest Alieu (Turkey, Turkish title)
Production Companies: Bobbcat Films
Distributors: BET+ , Paramount Players
Synopsis: In 1989, people lost their ability to dream at night. They only see a mysterious light in its place. Three decades later, Doctor Maya Sanders (Haley Webb( and her associates from the United State Department of Health and Human Services travel to the housing project area to find Alieu Bowuhkis (Denzel Whitaker) to interview and test him on his claim that he is dreaming. On the sidewalk, a preacher continues the religious fervor about the vision of light phenomena. The team finds Alieu in his apartment. Cheng Yu Gow (Trevor Zhou) asks him about the medications he is on. A disbelieving Maya warns him that lying is perjury and the consequences are steep. They photograph Alieu who appears very sleep deprived. Alieu describes his dreams as painful experiences. Alieu is fitted with vital sign monitoring on his body. He initially objects when Maya wants to inject him to cause him to sleep. In his dream, Alieu wakes up on the ocean shoreline and hears a baby crying. His body starts to spasm and convulsed. The team panics, but Alieu's reaction rouses him. They report to Alieu he was dreaming. Maya reports her results to her superior Shannon (Kwajalyn Brown) back at her office, but the third member Steven Flynn (Ric Reitz) claims Maya administered the anesthetic improperly. Her supervisor agrees that Maya's research on dreaming is outside of the scope of the public health department. Maya counters that the inability to dream has given rise to a cult called The Body lead by a Reverend Shawn Venus (Rick Hearst) where people are dying. Steven, who is a devout member of the neo religion, believes that Maya should discontinue her investigation of The Body and Reverend Venus who harmed Maya's family. Alieu takes the subway to his job washing dishes and cleaning up in a restaurant. Sanders makes a presentation on Alieu to a group of disbelieving congressmen. Maya explains why dreaming is a healthier way to process our memories and experiences than taking a drug cocktail of neuro and anesthetics. She claims lack of dreams has affected life expectancy and the immune system. A senator questions her investigation into The Body. Sanders explains that Reverend Venus claims he is still dreaming and receiving messages from God, though he refuses to submit himself to any tests. She claims The Body is a cult and people who leave it suffer mental illnesses and addictions. Because the white people from the government were in Alieu's apartment, the local street thugs think that Alieu is an informant. His cousin Tariq steps up to protect him from a fight. Alieu has a wife Fatima (Maurii Davenport) and an infant daughter Jamila (Casey Buchannon) who he struggles to care and provide for. A television announcement reveals that Reverend Venus plans a celebration because he says God has told him a new age of prosperity is upon The Body. Maya watches his announcement with skepticism. Cheng interrupts Maya expressing his fear of losing his job and having to move back home with his mother because of bad economy and departmental cutbacks. That evening, Alieu picks up Jamila and brings her back to his place and talks to his cousin Tariq (Darnell Kirkwood) who assures Alieu that he has a gift. Alieu questions how this gift could make him feels so awful most of the time. Tariq theorizes that it is preparing Alieu for something bigger. Maya returns home to find her brother Marcus (Jeff Pearson) watching broadcast from The Body. She reminds him his involvement in the neo religion cost him his wife, job and home. Marcus hugs Maya but then starts calling on her to lay waste to her earthly possessions and follow Reverend Venus. Maya flees to her bedroom. Venus releases a new promo video for his planned celebration. At work, Maya arrives to discover the hard drive she was downloading data on was removed by Steven Flynn. Steven gives Maya her termination notice telling her that all her computer and data are property of the U.S. government and is classified, Security guards escort Maya out to the street. Alieu is dreaming again when a crying Jamila awakens him. Maya finds Cheng that night leaving the office. Maya is convinced that she was fired because of her investigation into The Body and finding Alieu, the dreamer. Cheng fears for his job and will not promise to help her retrieve files. Maya returns home and tells her brother Marcus she was fired and that they found a dreamer. For her brother, it is too much to swallow that another dreamer beside the reverend Venus could exist. The next morning, Maya finds a note that Marcus has left to figure things out on his own. Reverend Venus arises in his palatial estate, takes a limo to lead a morning meditation of a small group of his followers at a community center. Lillian Grace (Fay Ann Lee) interrupts that there is trouble near the entrance. Maya has gone to Venus's community center to confront the Reverend seeking Marcus. Reverend Venus claims Marcus in not among them. Maya threatens Venus's life is he fails to turn Marcus away. Steven calls Cheng into his office. He tells Cheng he will promote him if he keeps Maya's research and the uncovering of Alieu as classified. Cheng refuses to give any assurance of his cooperation. Flynn takes a file about Alieu to a meeting with Venus. Venus says the new dreamer must become part of The Body. Fati brings Jamalia to see her dad at the restaurant. Alieu would like to be reunited with Fati. Feeling they need to do something, Maya and Cheng go to warn Alieu that he may be in danger. Alieu does want to be associated with the white people from the government and Tariq tells them not to come back. Lillian and Marcus appear at Alieu's restaurant just as his boss is harassing and firing him. The pair tell Alieu of the Reverend Shawn Venus who can dream like him and offer his safety and an easy life if he joins The Body. Alieu is not interested in religion but takes the card containing a phone number of a line to Vensu that was established especially for him Having lost his job, Alieu approaches his cousin Tariq about working with him pushing drugs in the streets, but Tariq rejects him. Tariq tells Alieu to hustle using his gift. Meanwhile, Reverend Venus presses several congressmen he got elected to provide him government aid, assistance and tax breaks to fund a further expansion of his religious properties. To push Alieu toward the protection of The Body, the Reverend instructs Stephen Flynn to make a public announcement at a press conference about Alieu's ability. Alieu is swarmed at his home by reporters as well as cult members calling him a blasphemer. A fearful Alieu calls his wife and ask him to take care of Jamila, Aleiu then calls Reverend Venus who arrives the next morning. Venus says he can protect Alieu from the mob and that his girl and daughter will want for nothing if he joins him. Venus says he will show Alieu how to use his ability to dream to create power and wants him to join his congregation. Before Reverend Venus leaves, he hands Alieu an envelope full of cash. Later, Alieu takes Venus's limo to Fatima's place and gives her the $20,000. She accepts the money but is still very distrustful of Alieus's new occupation. Tariq finds Alieu packing up his apartment. Alieu has not confided to Tariq his plans, so Tariq tries to give Alieu some money. Alieu rejects it. A cellphone call beckons Alieu away. Tariq believes he is making a big mistake. Alieu leaves the project in a limousine. Lillian arrives at Maya's home offering to take her to her missing brother. Cheng tags along. At the theater where Venus is planning his 30th anniversary celebration of the appearance of the light, Alieu dresses in a new suit with Fatima looking on as he prepares for his debut. Lillian stops by to offer encouragement. After Lillian leaves, Fatima confides to Alieu she doesn't feel good about the course Alieu is set upon. Fatima leaves to get Jamila. Maya arrives at the Reverend Venus theater. She confronts Venus about her brother and blames the death of her parents on him. He attempts to turn the tables and blames their despair for when Maya left the movement. Maya calls him a fraud but he defends his actions as necessary to save humanity from itself. Maya gets Reverend Venus to admit he never could dream. Alieu overhears the conversation from the darkness of the offstage area. Maya finally demands that Venus allow her to see her brother, Marcus. The meet in the hallway and embrace. Maya tries to convince Marcus to leave, but Marcus says he has to believe. He claims he cannot make it outside of the cult. In his dressing room, Alieu watches videos of his family until Reverend Venus enters. Alieu tells Venus he overheard what he said to Maya. Venus says it does not matter and he will do exactly as Venus says when he gets on the stage. He tells Alieu that he should think about the implications of his actions on his daughter. Maya and Marcus talk about the last dream they remember. Maya tells a dream of her father pretending to be asleep and flopping down on her and holding her in his arms. Maya says she felt very safe. .Marcus asks her when the last time was she felt safe. Maya admits is was when she was a part of The Body. The anniversary show begins. Reverend Venus introduces Alieu but he fails to appear. He is on a bus on his way home. Meanwhile, Venus extols the growth of The Body and the influence is has in America and the world. When Alieu arrives home, a zealot approaches him from behind and stabs him calling him a blasphemer. Fatima quickly rushes to his side and grabs his blood covered hand. Maya joins her brother Marcus watching the anniversary show and again falls easily under Venus's spell and repeats The Body's credo. Alieu is still alive and resting in the hospital with Fatima at his bedside. When Alieu asks to see Jamila who is sleeping, Fatima grabs Alieu's cellphone and discovers a recording of Alieu;s conversation with Venus where he admits he is a fraud. Venus threatens Alieu, telling him he should think about his daughter. Meanwhile, Alieu is dreaming. In his reoccurring dream, Alieu is back gasping on the seashore, but finally rises up and finds his daughter. He picks her up and embraces her.
Cinematographer: Xiaolong Liu
Producer: Yuki Maekawa-Ledbetter , Roger M. Bobb , Angi Bones
Production Manager: Christopher Nappi , Angi Bones
Certificates: Australia:M , Singapore:NC16 , Turkey:7+::(TV rating) , United Kingdom:12
Composer: Quincy Ledbetter
Editor: Chelsea Taylor
Editorial Department: Brett Sørem , Josh Bohoskey , Evan Bauer , Jeff Cornell , Erich Waldorf , David Franzo , Charles Isaiah Lemons , Yuki Maekawa-Ledbetter , Pete Olshansky , Patriciana Tenicela , Brian Woos , Andrew Ceen
Sound Crew: Michael Cardillo , Leslie Bloome , Todd Weaver , Evan Joseph , Joanna Fang , Nick Seaman , Joey Meyerhoff , Kristin Catuogno , Connor Nagy , Paul Milman , Ryan Collison , Paul Furedi , Bryen Hensley
Visual Effects: Ryan McMahon , Pat Kelleher
Miscellaneous Crew: Haweni Keskessa , Dani Renee , Wendy M. Smith , Mare'a Cobb , Jasmine Jewet , Jene Mclean , Katelyn Holzer , Teresa Jackson , Stanley Bivins
Other Companies: , MBS Equipment Co. , NoiseFloor , PRG
Costume Designer: Jaclyn Banner
Make Up: Nicole Martin , Ouzton Evans , Cierra Minnifield , Scoobie West
Assistant Director: Nivia D. Davis , Colbert Bernard , Peter Nix
Art Department: Shun Jester , Marcus Cooley , Jason Barr , Keith Cooley , Lisa Tinley Ryan , Ezekiel Ducksworth , Julia Crews
Camera and Electrical Department: Zak Norton , Kevin Terrell , Louis Rendemonti , Juanjose Santana Jr. , Amber Bournett , David Patric , Nicholas Cooley
Set Decoration: Semret Fesseha
Costume Department: Anastasia Southwick , Kendall Rogers , Joey Huff , Day Ramphal
Production Design: Eric Weiler
Special Effects: Technicolor Postworks New York
Script Department: Lisa Blanchar
Stunt Performer: Alex Chansky
Location Management: Arica S Olive , Ken'Azia Mercez , Maxwell Herrera
Number of Seasons: Oranz Walker
Seasons: George Pierre
Casting Department: Monica Tookes , Quianna Michel , Kimberly Johnson , Destiny Jackson