Aithbat Sharaf


Aithbat Sharaf

Director: Ali Fadel

Year: 2020

Season: 1, Episode: 1

Episodes: 44

Plot: Amir is upset after his sister's husband brought his sister home two days after the marriage, so he kills his sister because of people's words, only to discover a dangerous truth in the end.
Original Title: Aithbat Sharaf
Director: Ali Fadel
Writer: Ahmed Wahid
Type: episode
Year: 2020
Genres: Drama
Cast: Melad Sery , Wissam Diyaa , Tahrir Al Asadi , Mohamed Ayad , Amer Nafea , Nizar Alwan , Raghad Khatoon , Ziyad Tariq , Razzaq Haider , Ahmed Nassim , Ashty Hadid , Aws Fadhil , Amir Abdel Hussein , Ali Jabbar , Aqeel Abdullah , Saif Habib , Abu Alewi Al Alami
Original Air Date: 24 Apr 2020
Production Manager: Abbas Fadhil
Editor: Tahrir Al Asadi , Mohammed Shoukri
Assistant Director: Amir Abu Al Hail , Ali Jabbar , Haider Al Shami
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Number of Episodes: 44
Episode of: Aithbat Sharaf